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Local author & illustrator visits Glenmont

Filed in Glenmont by on March 16, 2018

On Friday, March 16, local Author and Illustrator Matt McElligott visited Glenmont Elementary to talk to students.

During his visit, McElligott met with grades K-1 and read through his book “Even Aliens Need Snacks.” Afterward, students and McElligott played a game he called the “Drawing Game” where together they designed a monster using basic shapes just like in the book. 

For grades 2-3, the students were able to learn about how McElligott got his ideas for books like “Mad Scientist Academy: The Dinosaur Disaster.” He explained to them that he drew inspiration from his life and the things he liked when he was in second and third grade. Specifically, he enjoyed comic books and drawing, old monster movies, and real life science. In writing his books, he was able to combine all three! 

McElligott has been a published writer for nearly 20 years and grew up just outside of Albany. He still lives in the area today. When he’s not working on illustration and children’s books, he teaches as a professor at the Sage College of Albany. 

Some of McElligott’s other books include:

  • Mad Scientist Academy Books
  • Even Aliens Need Snacks
  • Even Monsters Need Haircuts
  • Benjamin Franklinstein Series
  • The Lion’s Share
  • Bean Thirteen
  • Backbeard The Pirate Books
  • Absolutely Not
  • The Spooky Book
  • Uncle Frank’s Pit
  • The Truth About Cousin Ernie’s Head

For more information on Matt McElligott and his books visit his website here.