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BCMS Math Challenge Opportunity

Filed in Archive by on September 27, 2018

Bethlehem Central Middle School’s mathematics program reflects a balanced approach to developing students’ conceptual understanding, computational proficiency, and problem-solving skills.  

The Accelerated Mathematics Program at Bethlehem Central allows students to study mathematics in a challenging and stimulating environment. The courses have been designed to be both engaging and exciting and the program encourages students to use their creative and critical thinking skills.

Accelerated Math Program (Math 6X)

Students entering grade 6 have a wide range of mathematical reasoning skills and knowledge; therefore, offering appropriate math experiences are crucial as students move through the progression of concepts leading to high school mathematics. In an effort to place each student in the sixth-grade math course that will offer the appropriate level of challenge, the middle school offers an Accelerated Math Program in addition to the Traditional Mathematics Program. 

The Accelerated Math Program exposes students to concepts at a faster pace and content is above the traditional sixth grade-level. Students should be prepared to move through and apply concepts at a rapid pace. The continued placement in the accelerated program is contingent upon students maintaining a high level of performance.

It is expected that a student will maintain marking period averages of at least 80% and that no two marking period averages fall below 85%.

Failure to meet these expectations will result in a student’s removal from the program. At the conclusion of the school year, students will be ranked using the following metrics: Final Average, Final Exam Grade, and 3 i-Ready Diagnostics. Students ranked in the top 10% will be considered for placement in the Double Accelerated Math Program.

Challenge Program (Math 6 or Math 7)

The procedure for a student completing a Challenge Program is an intensive process that involves middle school students learning the content of the material not covered in the Traditional Mathematics Program. By accelerating, a student winds up missing out on one full year of math education. In order to be successful in the accelerated program, the student must learn the material that was not part of their grade level education by using an artificially intelligent assessment and learning system known as the ALEKS computer based programThey must complete this work on their own and maintain at least an 85 average throughout the program. All coursework must be completed no later than June 21 of the school year.

At the conclusion of the school year, school administrators perform a holistic review of each student’s i-Ready Diagnostic Tests, i-Ready Placement Level and the completion of ALEKS program with at least an 85 average for students to successfully complete the challenge process.