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Middle school incidents prompt important safety reminder

Filed in Archive by on January 17, 2019

The following message from Superintendent Jody Monroe was emailed to all BCMS parents on Thursday, Jan. 17:

Dear Parent:

I am writing to you with information regarding alleged threats of school violence made by two students at the middle school and to offer an important reminder about school safety.

The two middle school incidents, both reported earlier this week, are unrelated. One was a threat made online by a student and reported to the school by a parent and the other was a verbal threat, made in the cafeteria, and reported by several students.

In both cases, school administrators followed disciplinary procedures in accordance with the school’s Code of Conduct. School Resource Officers, who are members of the Bethlehem Police Department, were notified immediately by school officials. The police found no credible threat in either incident and no charges were filed.

It is important for students, staff and families to know that maintaining a safe environment in our schools is always our first priority. We take any threat of violence seriously and ask that parents have a conversation with their children about the consequences of making threats or talking about weapons in schools. Students need to know that it is never acceptable to even joke about threatening a school. These are serious matters and they will be pursued as such.

More importantly, we want our students and families to remember there are several ways to report threatening statements or dangerous behaviors. Trusted adults are always available to our students and I would encourage students to seek out their school counselor if they ever have concerns about safety. The Bethlehem Police Department also has a Confidential Tip Line at 518-439-1503 for the school and community to use year-round. This tip line can be used to report someone who may be exhibiting signs of dangerous behavior, to themselves or to others.

The school will be working with students to address these issues and will remain vigilant when responding to any kind of threat of violence in the school community.


Jody Monroe
Superintendent of Schools