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National Spanish Exam Awards 2020

Filed in BCHS, Student Spotlight by on September 3, 2020

The results of the 2020 National Spanish Exam (NSE) are in and several Bethlehem Central High School students who took the exam last spring have been awarded medals. This includes some recent graduates and students who will be juniors and seniors in 2020-21.

The test is voluntary and works as a contest with schools participating from all over the country and even internationally. With their results, some students may qualify to apply for various scholarships, and in several cases, BCHS students have been granted travel and academic awards through the NSE program. This year Bethlehem students had to take the exam following a special protocol for remote proctoring. BC students performed well and many were awarded gold, silver, bronze medals. Other students who participated received honorable mention in all categories including Bilingual and Outside Experience. 

Congratulations to all students who participated in the National Spanish Exam!

The following students were awarded medals:

Level 3


  • Maren Louridas
  • Eva Mane


  • Robyn Arnanson
  • Aliza Cotton
  • Megan Dellenbaugh
  • Ruth Hotaling
  • Jake Lippold
  • Kaitlin O’Meara
  • Sarah Singh
  • Victoria Voronina
  • Ela Yacel


  • Lucía DeTuya 
  • Orion Dennin
  • Nathaniel Koplik
  • Isabel Lippold
  • Anushka Patel
  • Daniel Zhou

Level 4


  • Caitlin Chung
  • Cristina Grigas
  • Tyler Lippold
  • Nolan Powers


  • Clara Chaplin
  • Abigail DeFranco
  • Niki Patel
  • Natalie Qualia
  • Aidan Stickan

Level 5


(only two gold medals in upstate NY)

  • Gillian Roeder
  • Juneau Wang 


  • Lleyton Emery
  • Talia Sanders


  • Morgan Bowerman
  • Sohalia Tiu