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BC principal receives Beatrice E. Griggs Elementary Administrator Award

Filed in District News, Slingerlands by on May 14, 2018

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Slingerlands Principal Heidi Bonacquist recently was honored as the Beatrice E. Griggs Elementary Administrator Award winner for 2018. 

The New York Library Association and the New York State School Librarians present the award each year to an elementary or district administrator who has been responsible for the initiation, maintenance and/or improvement of an elementary school library program in a New York State school district during the past three to five years. 

Laura Naumovitz, one of the librarians at Slingerlands, nominated Bonacquist for her great support and improvement of the school’s library from maintaining a vibrant and current book collection and maintaining adequate staffing to creating new programming for students.

“Heidi is always looking for ways to grow and improve BC students’ education,” said Naumovitz. “And she strongly believes that needs to include the growth and improvement of the library.”

Naumovitz also believes that Bonacquist meets many, if not all, of the awards criteria including: progression of the program, adequate staffing, ​professional​ ​growth​ ​and​ ​development​ ​opportunities​, and the on-going,​ ​continuous​ ​evaluation​ ​of​ ​library resources​ ​(print,​ ​non-print,​ ​electronic,​ ​equipment, etc.).​ ​

“The library is the heart and soul of our school,” said Bonacquist. “It develops and cultivates a love of reading and excitement to learn that we strive to achieve as educators.”

Bonacquist was honored during the 2018 Knickerbocker Banquet and Awards Ceremony held during the annual NYLA/SSL Conference in Long Island.