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Protecting students who are online

Filed in Archive by on December 8, 2017

What does Bethlehem Central do to protect students online while using their District-Owned Chromebook?

Web Filtering

Lightspeed Systems Relay Web Filter is used to filter all student traffic on their Chromebook – both at school and at home.

Relay Filter is designed specifically for the K-12 environment. Lightspeed continually monitors the ever growing lists of websites and automatically updates Bethlehem’s Relay Filter on a daily basis. Relay ensures that students can only conduct a Google Safe Search, which helps block explicit images, videos, and websites from search results. Additionally, the Relay filter has a feature called Smart Play, which categorizes all YouTube videos, allowing for education related videos to be played while others are blocked. Smart Play also gives the district the ability to block videos based on the same category decisions made for other content.

District and user reports are available to monitor overall activity and ensure appropriate use, or to drill into specific issues.

Even when students are at home, all Chromebook traffic passes through the Relay Filter to provide protection. Additionally, a student’s web activity is recorded anytime they use their Bethlehem credentials to log into a family-owned computer when using the Chrome browser.

Download Restrictions

On the Acer Chromebooks used in the High School and Middle School, the students can only download Android Apps that are reviewed and approved by faculty and the IT staff.

Chromebook Browsing History

There is an easy way to check your child’s browsing history on their BC-issued Chromebook. You can follow these steps to check Chromebook browsing history.

Additional Protection at Home