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Reading log for Week 3 of Eagle March Madness

Filed in Archive by on March 24, 2017

To celebrate Read Across America, Eagle Elementary is holding a competition to see which class can read the highest number of minutes in March!  Research proves that the more a child reads at home the greater their reading success throughout their school years.

From March 3rd through March 29th, your child will be tracking his or her at home reading minutes on the sheet provided. Please submit your weekly tracking sheet on Friday mornings. A new tracking sheet will be sent home each Friday.  Please bring in your last tracking form on WEDNESDAY MARCH 29th  so we can tally up the winners before the assembly. 

At the end of each week one class from each grade level with the highest number of minutes will be eligible to win a BONUS 30 MINUTE PE CLASS.  The winning class will be chosen at an assembly on March 30th.  As an added incentive each class will be paired up with a NCAA basketball team during March Madness.  Classes will be awarded bonus points based on their team’s performance.

Please help your child tally the minutes (not hours) read each week and sign the form before sending it back to school each Friday morning.  This will save us time each week as we add up the total minutes for the entire school.