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Registration for Elsmere After-school Enrichment Program

Filed in Archive by on January 17, 2020

2020 Elsmere After-school Enrichment Program (ASEP)


It’s time to register for 2020 After-school Enrichment Program (ASEP) classes!

Each class takes place at Elsmere from 3:30-4:30pm and is once a week for six weeks (exception is noted). You can register your child(ren) on the PTA Elsmere ASEP website at ​​.

Online registration will begin on Wednesday, 1/22/2020.​ ​The deadline is Thursday, 1/30/2020​. Classes will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis at the end of each day. We may not be able to accept late registrations, so please be sure to get your enrollment forms in on time!

View the class list and schedule

Your registration is not complete until we have received THREE ITEMS:

  1. Online registration form (Found here)
  2. Payment ​(you may pay by PayPal or credit card through the registration form online)
  3. Parent volunteer commitment date

There are two ways to guarantee your child’s first choice class AND to have your child attend the program at no cost.

  1. Permanent Volunteer: You may opt to volunteer for all of the six classes of a session.
  2. Per Weekday Volunteer: This parent will be present for each of the six weeks on a specific day (i.e. every Monday, every Tuesday, etc.) Your role would be to manage the attendance and make sure each child is accounted for after school as a helper to the class parents, be available until each child has left the building at 4:30 dismissal, and to be a “floater” in case there is backup needed for any of the classes during session time. There are five spots available for this post. If you would like to serve this very important function, please email with which day works best for you.


Students may register for more than one class. ​Please complete a separate online form for each child (though you can register for more than one class per student on the form).

If a class reaches capacity, students will be chosen by lottery at the end of each day for that day’s registrants.

Please note that in the event that we have a snow day, or if school closes early, the ASEP class will be cancelled. If that happens, we will notify you as to when the make-up class will take place.

Students MUST be picked up promptly at 4:30pm following ASEP classes. We cannot accommodate late
pick-ups. If your child attends School’s Out at Elsmere, the SOI staff will pick him/her up at class. If your child has permission to walk home unaccompanied, you may indicate that on the registration form.

We will notify you ​by email​ to confirm your child(ren)’s class registration and any other information specific to your child’s class.

ASEP is ​not​ a fundraiser. The fees are to cover the costs of instructors’ materials and time, and the cost associated with administering the program.

Please note that ​there will NOT be a nurse in school during ASEP time​; if your child could require any medication or has an allergy that could require an EpiPen, we request that you plan to be in school during ASEP classes. There will not be an adult in the building who is trained to administer an EpiPen, and there is no access to the nurse’s medication closet during that time. Parents will be asked to send nut-free snacks for children attending ASEP classes.

Some ASEP classes reach capacity. Please be mindful that if your child signs up for a no-cost class, s/he is taking a spot from another child. If there’s a possibility that your child won’t end up taking the class, please don’t sign up. Also, if your child took a class last year that was full, we hope that s/he will consider other classes this year in order to leave room for students who have not yet had a chance to take the more popular options. We will try to give priority to students who have not taken a particular class in the past, but cannot make guarantees.

The PTA would like to make the program available to every student who wishes to participate. If you need financial assistance to cover the cost of a class, please contact Mrs. Kloss confidentially and she will help make arrangements.

Elsmere School PTA ASEP Behavior Expectations

We need your assistance to make this program successful. Please review these behavior expectations with your child(ren)  before the program begins and for the duration.   Your electronic signature on the online registration form indicates that you have read this material, discussed with your  children, and understand that a student’s failure to adhere to this code of conduct could result in his/her being removed  from the program. The PTA is unable to refund fees in the event that a child is removed from a class.

Rules will, in general, follow the rules of Elsmere School. Students should be familiar with these rules and will be reminded of them by our instructors and volunteers. We ask that you remind your students to be on his/her best school behavior during this program.

Students are required to be respectful of other students, instructors, and parent volunteers during the program (which includes check-in, snack, instruction, and dismissal).

If a student demonstrates behavior that could cause concern for his or her own safety or the safety of another person, the parent will be notified and the student might be asked to leave the class.

If a student’s behavior is disruptive to the class, the instructor or parent volunteer will ask the student to sit out for a period of time. If it happens more than once, the student will be asked to leave the program.

If a students behavior could result in his/her being removed from the class, the PTA president or ASEP coordinator will notify the parent.

A designated adult is expected to be at the school promptly at 4:30pm to pick up each child, unless the student has permission to walk home or is released to School’s Out. If the adult is consistently late picking up a student, the PTA reserves the right to require that the student leave the ASEP. We cannot be responsible for children after 4:30pm, and they cannot be left alone in the school building or outside.

If a child needs to be removed from the program for any reason, the PTA is unable to issue refunds.

These behavior expectations have been created to ensure a safe, productive, and fun learning environment for all  students. Please feel free to contact the ASEP coordinator or PTA president with any questions.

With your help and with the support of our volunteers, we hope to run a program that is safe, fun and educational for all  students. We’re looking forward to another fabulous Elsmere After-school Enrichment Program in 2020!

If you  have any questions, please email​​