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Science Today and BC Medical Club give students insight into careers in the medical field

Filed in BCHS, Student Spotlight by on February 26, 2018

On Wednesday, February 14, BCHS held a joint Science Today and BC Medical Club presentation with Dr. Colum Amory from the Albany Medical Center.

There were 85 students in attendance at the presentation, many of whom participate regularly in the Medical Club overseen by BCHS Science Teacher Adrienne Ladd.

The Medical Club’s mission is to raise awareness about careers in the medical field which includes not only doctors but nurses, therapists, pharmacists, technicians and many others. To support this mission, the club invites speakers of all different medical backgrounds to come in and speak with students after school.

“Most students feel restricted to just being a doctor or surgeon,” said BCHS junior Valentina Allen. “Of course, those are not the only professions in the medical field.”

Furthermore, BCHS junior Nhi Dang said these presentations gave students first-hand knowledge instead of reading the information out of a book.

“We are able to hear personal stories from the presenters,” said Dang. “How they got to be where they are and the ins and outs of their occupations.”

So far, the Medical Club has invited speakers from the career paths of hospital pharmacist; a gastroenterologist; a phlebotomist, someone who takes or withdraws blood; and a cancer researcher.

At the most recent presentation, Dr. Amory spoke with students about his work in neurology, the study of the nervous system, specifically focusing on strokes. He recalled the anatomy of the head including what veins are affected in a stroke and the procedure that takes place to stop the blockage. Additionally, he told taught the students signs to recognize a stroke and about the many treatments that are out there to help stroke victims recover.

“Every time I attend a presentation, I am fascinated to learn something new about the medical field,” said Dang. “to listen to these speakers makes you more familiar with these fields and possibly spark an interest in an occupation you didn’t have before.”

The BC Medical Club plans to continue bringing in medical professionals throughout the school year. Thank you to Dr. Amory for sharing his experiences with our students.