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Share your special moments with Mrs. Porter

Filed in Eagle, Glenmont by on October 2, 2017

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BC family, Eagle Elementary School needs your help!

One of the school’s longtime teachers, Mrs. Chris Porter, is facing very difficult health challenges that have taken her out of her fifth-grade classroom at Eagle Elementary School and may keep her from returning to the career she loves so much.

Like so many teachers, Mrs. Porter has touched the lives of hundreds, if not thousands, of children, families and colleagues over her career. To help lift her spirits at this difficult time, the school wants to be able to bring the classroom to Mrs. Porter with student recollections and reflections on being part of what has been known for so long as “5Porter.”

Mrs. Porter is a 20-year employee of the school district, having taught at Eagle for nine years and at Glenmont School for 12 years..

From now until Oct. 13, the school is asking former students districtwide, alumni, parents, and Mrs. Porter’s colleagues, to share special school memories of Mrs. Porter. An email, a card, a poem, or a special photo or email from those who know Mrs. Porter – especially her students — are welcome.

These mementos can be shared:

c/o Barb Riegel
Eagle Elementary School
27 Van Dyke Road
Delmar, NY 12054

All will be collected and shared with Mrs. Porter and her family in a special book reflecting all she has given over the years to Bethlehem students. The project is being coordinated by many of her colleagues, including Mrs. Porter’s fellow fifth grade teacher at Eagle, Barb Riegel.

“We never truly know the boundaries of our reach, the lives we impact and the differences we make,” said Mrs. Riegel. “We are asking students who have had Chris Porter as a teacher to write a letter, a paragraph, draw a picture, create a poem or song about something they learned from Chris that they will carry throughout their lives or that they hold in their hearts.”

“Chris Porter has had an impact on the lives of many BC students. We would like her to know how far-reaching an impact ‘Chris Porter, fifth grade teacher’ has been.”

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