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Slingerlands Elementary PTO Minutes – Sept. 14, 2016

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Next General Meeting: Wednesday, November 9, 2016 at 7 p.m.

Click here for September 14 PTO minutes.

I. Introduction

  1. Meeting called to order at 7:10
  2. All attendees introduced themselves
  3. No changes to the agenda

II. Treasurer’s Report

  1. Katie O’Brien provided an executive overview of the treasurer’s report
  2. Karyn Pauze was introduced as co-treasurer.
  3. High-level breakdown of expenses and income was also provided
  4. Additional instructions for committee co-chairs forthcoming

III. Special Presentation

  1. Catherine Brenner from the Bethlehem Public Library introduced herself.
  2. January is National library card sign-up month
  3. She offered her assistance to children and adults throughout the school year

IV. Discussion and Voting Items

  1. Principal
    1. Heidi welcomed all attendees
    2. Kindergarten transitioned into the school nicely
    3. There are 497 students, 48 of them are new to Slingerlands out of 63 total that are new to the district’s elementary schools
    4. The safety plan has been updated, with the front doors locked until 9:10 am. Schools Out must enter through the cafeteria, and there are new double doors in the vestibule. Evacuation drills are replacing fire drills, and there will be 8 per year, along with 4 lock-down drills
    5. Open House is 9/15, which is adults only
    6. Slingerlands 75th Birthday celebration is on 9/25
  2. Teacher Representatives
    1. Mrs. Clarkson thanked the PTO for start-up funds, RAZ kids, and field funding
  3. Co-Presidents
    1. Jen Vener introduced herself, and provided an overview of the Ashley Martucci Fundraising event. Both corporate and clothing donations are also appreciated
    2. Upcoming Events
      • International Walk to School day: 10/5
      • Yankee Candle Sale: 9/19-10/17
      • Monster Mash: 10/28
    3.  Call for Volunteers
      • Co-chairs needed for school/community outreach
      • 2 attendees volunteered for walk to school day
    4. Requested that committee co-chairs do not ask for help from the front office staff at the beginning or end of the day. Middle of the day is fine; they are certainly willing to assist, but we ask for cooperation with timing.
    5. Welcome Back forms are due Monday, September 19th
    6. Committee Co-chair announcements
      • The Slingerlands Tools 4 Schools code at Price Chopper is 15749; encourage friends and neighbors to sign up as well
      • Math and Science nights will be held in December and January. Looking for volunteers to shadow the current cochairs, to be able to take over next year
      • Volunteers needed for Thousand Books next year

V. Adjournment