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Slingerlands January PTO Meeting Minutes

Filed in Archive by on January 9, 2019

Slingerlands Elementary PTO Meeting – January 8, 2019, at 7:00 p.m. in the School library

I. Introduction

  1. Meeting call to order at 7
  2. Introductions were made
  3. There were no changes to the agenda

II. Treasurer Report

  1. Resa worked on getting Quickbooks updated for future use. Thank you to Resa for the many hours you have devoted to this, it will be very worthwhile!
  2. The PTO now has a debit card, which has a daily maximum as well as a transactional maximum for protection
  3. Resa is saving documents to a thumb drive, for uploading to shared drive. She is also reaching out to past treasurers for paper documents to transfer to an electronic format.
  4. Resa conveyed that several expenses have closed out, including red folders, most of teacher start-up fund, and luncheon 

III. Discussion and Voting Items

  1.  Principal
    1. Mrs. Bonacquist presented Title I deck to the group, which is available upon request.
    2. January has proven to be very busy. Several school-wide events are coming up including:
      • 49th musical
      • Cultural festival
      • Winter concert
    3. Report cards will be coming out in the end of January
  2. Teacher Representatives
    1. Mrs. Rogers discussed the cultural festival, and verified that it does NOT start at 7 pm. The doors open at 5:30 pm for a 5:45 start time. Other details about the festival:
      • The structure has changed a little, taking on a true festival format
      • There are many scheduled musical and dance performances
      • Stations include crafts, music, food & more – there will be something for all
      • About 20 families are bringing food. Some restaurants are donating, even more food is appreciated
      • We are very grateful to the families donating their time and efforts to this event
      • There will be a morning assembly on Friday 1/11, which should get the students excited about the festival. T-shirts will be for sale; Mrs. Rogers shared the very cool “Choose Kind” in many languages design with attendees.
  3. Co-Presidents
    1. President’s Council Report
      • Becky attended, and shared info with the group, including some details about the HS auditorium project –  they will be adding A/C, a new “River” theme, larger doors with sound locks. The library will also be undergoing improvements.
      • A new volunteer sign in system is being rolled out
      • A K-5 volunteer handbook exists, which we will need to utilize
    2. Building a Better PTO:  Who are we? Why are we here?
      • Heather & Betsy discussed the decline in membership and volunteerism over the past several years, which has resulted in a negative impact to the PTO budget. The PTO has had many discussions around this, and has put some changes into effect, which have helped – but not enough. We are focused on turning this around, and ensuring that we are serving the needs of parents, teachers and students. A survey will be distributed to all 3 groups soon for feedback.
    3. Upcoming Events
      • Fourth Grade Math and Science Night: January 11
      • Cultural Fair:  January 17
      • Second Grade Math and Science Night: February 4
      • Give and Go:  February 8
        Slingerlands Science Fair:  February 28
      • Slingerlands Musical:  March 7 and 8
      • Slingerlands PTO Camp Fair: March 13
      • Applebees Fundraiser:  New Date** March 16
    4. Other Updates
      • Slingerlands Directory – we need proof-readers to finalize this
      • Watch for fundraisers:  Restaurant nights, 31 or mixed bags fundraisers, Roller skating family night, Mother-child night, Father-child night
      • Volunteer Handbook will start to be used
      • We still need a chair person for this year’s pit party. This is an easy and rewarding event to run! Reach out to one of the PTO members to volunteer.
    5. Looking to Next Year
      • Board Positions Open – Heather White, Betsy Danz, Francine Sinkoff and Heather Mullins will all be stepping down next year. That leaves the following open:
        • 2 Co-Presidents
        • VP of Outreach
        • Secretary
      • Co-chairs needed – we need several co-chairs for various committees
      • All attendees discussed the concept of parents donating time or money. The fact is, if we received donations of money only, we would have money, but nobody to run any of the programs that our community loves. In order for the PTO to successfully support the school community, there needs to be a balance between money raised or donated, and people donating their time.
      • Committee chair announcements – N/A

IV. Adjournment

Next PTO meeting – March 12, 20198 at 7:00 pm in Slingerlands Library