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Slingerlands June 4 PTO Meeting Minutes

Filed in Archive by on August 14, 2019

Slingerlands Elementary PTO Meeting – June 4, 2019, at 7:00 p.m. in the School library

I. Introduction

A. Meeting called to order
B. Attendees introduced themselves
C. There were no changes to the agenda

II. Vote to approve updated bylaws

  • Betsey requested a vote to approve the bylaws. There is a link to them from the PTO Facebook page, as well as on the PTO website. Unanimous approval from the group.

III. Treasurer’s Report

  • Resa shared some last quarter accomplishments, all of which supported field trips, HS scholarships, retirement ceremony, 5th grade pit party, morning coffee hosted by hospitatlity, author visit, transportation brunch, Thank You Very Munch, recess equipment, and more.
    • Mixed Bags was a HIT – brought in close to $1K in a very short amount of time. Orders are also still being accepted.
    • Plant sales closed out – close to $290 earned. Thanks to Mike O’Neill!
    • BOGO books has a credit of $890.
    • Used book sale – $550 profit
    • Spirit Wear – earned about $750
    • Box Tops/Amazon Smile – $726
  • Still have the following coming up:
    • field day
    • bookworm
    • yearbook – making a small profit this year.
  • Closing out budget in July this year because of the historically quick turnaround time at the end of the year when closing in June – this will make

IV. Discussion and Voting Items

A. Principal’s Report

  • Last week had 2nd annual senior assembly, which was fabulous. All BC seniors who attended Slingerlands were invited, 94 attended.
  • Tomorrow is Kindergarten camp (6/5)
  • Next year: many staffing changes which will be posted at the end of the school year.

B. Teacher Representatives (Mrs. Bonacquist for Mrs. Rogers)

  • Enjoyed her role as teacher rep this year, the teachers are very grateful for all the PTO does.
  • iSmile is all ready for the Kindergarten Play, and the 5th Grade moving on ceremony. Flyers will go home to families in k-5.
  • Reunification drill happened today, with the purpose of identifying gaps in safety procedures. Mrs. Bonacquist wanted to reiterate how important student safety is to her and her staff.

C. Co-Presidents’ Report

  • Team of parents and teachers who do Girls on the Run, Heather wanted to commend Mrs. Bonacquist who was there to support the girls.
  • Close to 50 of the Middle school honor roll recipients were from Slingerlands – GREAT JOB!
    • Recommendations for next year, based on feedback from teachers and families:
      • Inclusion of more families in the PTO. We’re eliminating dues, including all families who provide us with information. There will be no cost to join the PTO.
      • To offset the loss of funds ($2,200) from membership dues, we will solicit donations.
    • Upcoming events:
      • Kindergarten ABCs – iSmile photo opportunity, June 14th at 2 pm.
      • Thank You Very Munch Brunch – June 20th at 9:30 am.
      • Field Day – June 21st – Sign up to volunteer
      • 5th Grade Graduation – June 24th
      • Last Day of School – June 25th at 12:10 pm
    • Preparing to wrap up this PTO year
      • Move to collection of Google docs for each committee – asking each chair to assist with this transition from folder to electronic
    • Open Committee Chair Positions:
      • Still hearing back from people, so trying to compile list before sending out (hopefully by end of year)

V. New Business: election of new officers – unanimously voted in:

  • Co-Presidents: Bethany Bortis and Heather Mullins (1 year term)
  • Co-Treasurers: Resa Ostrander and Holly Andreou
  • Co-Secretaries: Jennifer Bergeron and Christine Magill
  • VP of Membership: Betsy Danz
  • VP of Events: Heather White
  • VP of Communication: Gina Peattie

VI. Summary and Highlights of the Parent Survey

  • No dues
  • Stress importance of communication between fundraisers and where the $ goes; transparency will be a key focus.
  • Making sure parents feel welcome, included and informed

V. Adjournment

  • Meeting was adjourned at 7:30 pm.

Have a wonderful summer!