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Slingerlands November PTO Meeting Minutes

Filed in Slingerlands by on November 16, 2018

Slingerlands Elementary PTO Meeting – November 13, 2018, at 7:00 p.m. in the School library

I. Introduction

  1. Meeting called to order at 7:00
  2. Introductions
  3. No changes to the agenda

II. Treasurer Report

  • Resa shared the finalized budget, which shows an
  • Income of $21,805
  • Expenses at $25,325.00
  • We are currently in the red by $3,520.00
  • Resa shared how money raised by PTO ties back to the mission:
  • Discussed adjustments to both incomes and expenses
  • Shared the November budget breakdown
  • Discussed improvements such as:
  • Electronic forms
  • PayPal utilization
  • Quicken backup done and moving to Quickbooks approved
  • Accountant completed his work
  • Discussed possibility of utilizing a PTO Debit card to reduce money transfers
  • Request forms would still be required

III. Discussion and Voting Items

  1. Principal
    1. Mrs. Bonacquist thanked everyone for participating in American Education Week. Discussed the general feeling about parent participation, and meeting attendees felt it was a positive experience
    2. Discussed sending out a Slingerlands Dictionary at the beginning of the year to define what the different events entail (i.e. Turkey Shoot, ASE, etc.) Also might want to show a 1:1 correlation as to how the money raised will be spent @ Slingerlands
    3. Also discussed perhaps separating out book fair from American Education week
    4. Mrs. Ward’s class has taken on maintaining the gardens, which look great
    5. Sorry to see the Fun Run get cancelled twice. We’ll look for another date, especially since it was meant to honor Robin Young who retired last year
    6. Effects of screen time study: There are 22 staff members who participate in this club/study. They’re reading Unselfie, Disconnected and Glow Kids. Studying effects of screen time on young children, and would like to bring it back to a future PTO meeting.
  2. Teacher Representatives
    1. Mrs. Rogers thanked us for all of the PTO support 2.In lieu of OSOB, doing “Cultural Festival”; more information will be coming home soon. If we know anyone (or if we ourselves) who could perform, cook, play music, or share any cultural tradition, we are encouraged to step up. We are lacking in:

      • South America

      • Africa

      • Europe (we have Turkey and Ireland covered)

      • Native American C. Co-Presidents

    2. Update on After School Enrichment (ASE)
      • 2 co-chairs are needed. We have one, need another – as of now it has been canceled, but if we get another co-chair, we could do it later in the year. Otherwise, we hope to start it up again next year
    3.  Update on PTO Directory and Email List
      • Directory coming out after Thanksgiving. If people haven’t joined yet, they won’t be in the print directory, but will be included in communications/blasts.
    4. Recap of Fall PTO Events:
      • Fall Family Picnic
      • Monster Mash
      • Yankee Candle Sale
      • Turkey Shoot/ Book Fair Betsy thanked everyone for participation and volunteerism at all of these. All of these are designed to help build our community.
    5. Upcoming Events
      • Parent Teacher Conferences (11:45 dismissal):
        • Thursday November 15th
        • Wednesday November 28th
        • Friday December 7th
      • Family Movie Night- November 30th 6 pm
      • Staff Luncheon –December 7th
      • Grade 3 Math and Science Night- December 11th 7 pm
      • Applebee’s Pancake Breakfast – tentatively 1/19, which is MLK weekend. Co-chair is looking into other possible dates; otherwise it will remain on the 19th.
    6.  Call for Volunteers
      • Afterschool Enrichment
      • Movie Night- 11/30
      • Picture Retake Day- 11/26 AM

IV. Adjournment

Next PTO meeting- January 8th, 2019 at 7:00 pm Slingerlands Library