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Slingerlands PTO

Dear Slingerlands Parents/Guardians:

Welcome, or welcome back, to Slingerlands Elementary! We are very excited about the upcoming school year and have been busy planning for many different activities and events- including new fundraisers!

Join the Slingerlands Elementary School PTO today and help support the school!  Every year, the PTO raises money to spend on numerous activities to benefit the students, such as new recess equipment, author visits, school-wide events and field trips.   Not only does the PTO provide funds for student enrichment, but we also support the events by getting volunteers.  As a member, you are not required to attend the PTO meetings, but we encourage you to attend to hear about PTO activities and to bring ideas.

Your PTO Board Members for the 2017-2018 school year are:

Co-Presidents:             Betsy Danz and Heather White

Co-Treasurers:             Holly Andreou and Resa Ostrander

Secretary:                     Heather Mullins

VP Membership:          Christine Banewicz

VP Outreach:                Francine Sinkoff

VP Fundraising:            Bethany Bortis

The PTO aims to enrich the academic and social aspects of our children’s education through various fundraisers, events, and activities. This is where you come in! None of our efforts would be possible without the support of our wonderful parents/guardians. We realize that it is becoming more and more difficult to carve our time to volunteer, but we appreciate any amount of time you can provide! You will benefit by knowing you are contributing to your child’s experience at Slingerlands, and by getting to know other families at the school.

Please note some important Slingerlands PTO dates:

  •                         Sept. 12th, September PTO Meeting: 7 p.m., Slingerlands Cafeteria
  •                         Oct. 1st, Welcome Back / Fall Picnic: 12:30 p.m. Slingerlands Elementary

Several PTO forms (membership, volunteer opportunities, monthly newsletter, etc) will be sent home during the first few weeks of school regarding various events and fun. We also send emails with valuable information about upcoming school activities and happenings. To ensure that you receive these emails, please consider joining the PTO, which includes a subscription to this list serv, as well as a directory of all other families that are members of the PTO. Please feel free to contact any of us should you have any questions or concerns! We look forward to working with you!


Betsy Danz and Heather White
PTO Co-Presidents

We’re on Facebook!

The Slingerlands Elementary PTO is now on Facebook. Visit our page, like us and interact!

Membership & Student Directory

If you are interested in becoming a PTO member, please complete a membership form and return to our VP of Membership. Membership forms will be sent home during the first week of school. You may become a member at any time but if you wish to be included in the PTO School Directory, please return the forms by mid-September.


The PTO is always looking for volunteers. Currently, there are many opportunities if you are interested in volunteering. Volunteer forms will be sent home the first week of school, please submit these forms by mid-September. Return of these forms by this time will enable committee chairs to contact volunteers quickly and coordinate events more efficiently. Thank you for considering a volunteer position and please scroll down for a list of our committees.

Ongoing Events/Activities

Tools for Schools

Please remember to register for Slingerlands School at Price Chopper for the Tools for Schools program. It’s quick and easy, and our teachers benefit greatly from “free” supplies and materials. Remember to save box tops for the Box Tops for Education program throughout the year. Collection bins are in the main lobby.

Box Tops for Education

Do you have a pile of box tops sitting on your window sill? Don’t forget to send them to school. Last year we raised over $700 with all those tiny cardboard and plastic labels, so it is worth the effort of clipping them. There are collection boxes in the main entry and in the kindergarten-first grade wing. We collect current (non-expired) box tops. Please cut them out and please don’t submit anything that doesn’t say “Box Tops for Education.”

PTO Meeting Minutes

PTO Committees

If you would like more information or are interested in volunteering for any of these committees, please contact a board member.

1,000 Book Project

A committee responsible for maintaining the 1,000 book project. The responsibilities include reviewing the outstanding books/bags, ensuring the bags are returned on a timely basis and replacing books as necessary to consistently maintain our 1,000 book supply.

After School Enrichment

The program provides educational enrichment for students. These programs are offered in the Fall and Winter. Each session runs for approximately 5 weeks. The program utilizes parent volunteers to support the individual instructors during the 5 week sessions. The co-chairs of the committee coordinate the programs that will be offered, administer the necessary paperwork for student sign up, and ensure the programs progress efficiently from week to week.

Bethlehem Music Association (BMA)

The chairperson is responsible for distributing membership information in the beginning of the school year and including informational inserts in the programs for our two concerts (winter and spring).

Book Fair

A PTO fundraiser allowing students to purchase books and accessories during a two-day period in November. Parent volunteers are needed throughout the day to assist the children in book selection and check out.

Books for Giving

A program offered twice a year allowing our families to donate books to the school library. The committee chair publicizes the timing of the events, coordinates with the Librarian on book selection, and assists with placing a donation plaque on the inside cover of the books.

The Bookworm (Literary Magazine)

The Bookworm is published once a year. Students are invited to submit their best writings for publication in the magazine. The committee chair publicizes the necessary information of the Bookworm and coordinates the organization of the Magazine. Parent volunteers are needed as typists.

Box Tops for Education

Chairperson is responsible for collecting and tracking coupons and receipts as required by the manufacturer. The school earns points which can be redeemed for books and materials.

Community/School Outreach

A committee to initiate programs that support our surrounding communities. Committee is responsible for selecting programs, publicizing programs and coordinating the events.

Garden Committee

A committee responsible for improving the appearance and maintaining our school gardens.

Going Green Committee

More information to come.

Grade Parent

Each classroom has 1-2 parents that assist the teacher when needed for such events as classroom parties, telephone calls, book orders, etc.

Healthy Kids Committee

Volunteers for the Healthy Kids Committee can do a range of activities. We hold two events each year. Farm to You Fest in the Fall and Healthy Kids Week in the Spring. We need help with collecting (setting up labeled bins at the school) and delivering donated fresh produce during Farm to You Fest and our healthy food drive in the spring. Creative people are needed for tasks such as decorating our bulletin board for our special weeks. Interested in arranging a farmer or other speaker to present in our classrooms? We need help with that as well! Like to shop? We have a budget that allows us to purchase the prizes for our healthy choice ticket winners in the spring. Donation of your time for a one-time task and continued involvement are all welcome and appreciated. We are a school-level and district wide group and are always happy to welcome new and returning members. For more info about this group, please see their website that is under the “community” section of the BCSD website and like their Facebook page.

Hospitality Committee

Responsible for coordinating and serving refreshments at school functions throughout the year. Some events to be supported by Hospitality are Open House (two evenings in September), American Education Week and the Transportation Brunch.

Monster Mash Committee

A PTO social event held during October. Committee is responsible for publicizing event, coordinating music, food and decorations, and overseeing the event.

School Banking

The PTO works with Cap Com to set up bank accounts for the students. Children are able to make deposits into their accounts on Tuesday mornings at the opening of school. Volunteers are needed between 9:00 and 9:45AM once or twice per month.

School Directory

PTO prints a directory of names, addresses and phone numbers of Slingerlands families, School staffing, and classroom lists. Committee is responsible for collecting the necessary data, coordinating the publication and distribution of the directory.