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Slingerlands September PTO Meeting Minutes

Slingerlands Elementary PTO Meeting – September 11, 2018

I. Introduction

  1. Meeting called to order at 7 pm
  2. The board introduced themselves, and encouraged all attendees to introduce themselves to their neighbors
  3. There were no changes to the agenda

II. Special Presentations

  1. . Catherine Brenner – Bethlehem Public Library: visits children in classrooms and library at the school, discusses technology and books, she asks our children to consider her their personal librarian. Cathy distributed a calendar of events that are free at the library. Of note: “Library Expedition”. There are 36 libraries that we have access to with our Bethlehem card. The challenge is to visit as many of these as possible as a family. The Library of “Things”, such as library passes, telescopes, American Girl doll, metal detector, etc.
  2. Marc Tarantelli – Boy Scouts: Provided an overview of scouting in the area. The troop helps Slingerlands with various activities and community events throughout the year. Parents are encouraged to ask Marc any questions they might have about getting their child(ren) involved in the Scouts. “Do Your Best” is the boy scout motto, which melds really nicely with the Slingerlands motto of “Always Your Best”.

III. Treasurer’s Report

Resa described the role of the treasurer, explained that the budget hasn’t been finalized yet, so it was not presented at this meeting.

IV. Discussion and Voting Items

  1. Principal’s Report:
    1. Mrs. Bonacquist shared that the year was off to a great start! She shared our motto, “Always Our Best”, and stressed how important that is to the entire staff, and all of the students.
    2. Open House will be in 2 shifts to alleviate any parking issues, but for all events she asked that we observe the parking signs to avoid being ticketed.
  2. Teacher Representatives:
    1. Mrs. Rogers thanked the PTO for all of their support to all of the students, and from her perspective, especially for the 5th grade.
  3. Co-Presidents:
    1. Importance of joining PTO
      • Membership forms (paper or online) due September 21st
      • Volunteer opportunities
    2. Ways to support the PTO through your purchases
      • Amazon Smile (select Slingerlands Elementary)
      • Price Chopper Tools for Schools (School Code 15749)
      • Box Tops – first submission is October 26th
    3. Fall Fundraising Events
      • Forever Young Fun Run
      • Yankee Candle Sale
    4. Upcoming Events 
      • Open House – 9/13: 6:15 pm K-2 and 7:30 pm 3-5
      • Fall Family Picnic – September 21st
      • International Walk to School Day – October 10th
      • Forever Young Fun Run – October 11th
      • Monster Mash – October 26th 6:15 pm
      • American Education Week – November 5th – 9th
    5. Call for Volunteers
      • After School Enrichment – need a chair or co-chairs
      • Co-Chair(s) needed for Field Day
      • Staff Appreciation Luncheon – co-chairs are aging out, so new co-chairs are needed
      • Requests of Office Staff
    6. Committee Chair Announcements – list of open positions on the back of the physical agenda

V. Adjournment

Next PTO meeting – November 13th, 7:00 pm Slingerlands Library