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Statement regarding requests to remove Megyn Kelly from BC Hall of Fame

Filed in Archive, District, District News by on November 5, 2018

The following is a statement from  Superintendent Jody Monroe regarding requests to remove Megyn Kelly from the BCHS Alumni Hall of Fame:

After a handful of requests calling for the removal of Megyn Kelly from the BCHS Alumni Hall of Fame were received by the district, the Hall of Fame committee met in a special meeting October 31 to discuss the matter.

The committee is made up of six staff members, including alumni, who are teachers, administrators and support staff at the high school. The group usually meets 2-3 times a year.

At the meeting, the six committee members decided that Ms. Kelly should not be removed from the Hall of Fame at this time. The vote was unanimous. However, the committee also acknowledged at the meeting that the Hall of Fame lacks a formal process for removing a member of the Hall of Fame and all members agreed that it would be in the school’s best interests to develop standard criteria and protocol that can be considered when such a request is made.

The goal for the committee in the coming months is to create a uniform procedure under which a petition for review and/or removal of a Hall of Fame member, as well as a subsequent appeals process, could be applied in situations where a member’s actions are called into question.

Once such a plan is in place, the requests to remove Ms. Kelly will be reconsidered and another vote will be undertaken by the committee using a standard methodology that would be fair and equitable to any of our Alumni Hall of Fame members.

In addition to establishing a protocol that would address requests for removal, the committee will also be fine-tuning its application, vetting, and selection process as a way to better formalize the review of nominations and ensure the integrity of the committee process. The deadline to submit nominations has traditionally been May 1 and the nominations are reviewed by the committee in May and June.