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Students to compete with nation’s best

Filed in Archive by on November 22, 2017

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Last month, teams and individual students from Bethlehem Central Middle School and Bethlehem Central High School swept top awards at the Upper Hudson Regional History Bowl with six of seven district teams — and several students — qualifying to move on to national-level competition in the spring. The regional competition, which Bethlehem hosted, is a qualifying event for the National History Bee and Bowl, the National History Exam and the U.S. Geography Olympiad.

The National History Bee and Bowl are nationwide history quiz competitions for high school and middle school students. The two-part Bee is a competition for individuals to test their knowledge of history while the Bowl features team competition. Bethlehem has built a reputation for strong teams and competitors, at both the JV and varsity levels, thanks in part to the coaching and coordination of parent David Cooper.

Top awards at the Upper Hudson Regional History Bowl were as follows:

Varsity History Bowl Champions: Bethlehem Central High Team A, which included seniors Michael Connolly, Xavier Cruz, Billy Lombardo, and Fadi Mir.
Junior Varsity History Bowl Champions: Bethlehem Central Middle Team A, which included eighth graders Orion Dennin, Daniel Middendorf, Griffin Roeder, and Caleb Ells.

Varsity History Bee Champion: Michael Connolly, Bethlehem Central High School
Junior Varsity History Bee Champion: Navid Mazidabadifarahani, Bethlehem High School

Other teams and individuals who qualified to move on to national-level competition included:

National History Bowl

  • Sixth grade team: Nyle Dennin, Alan Bu, Justin Mo, and Jeremy Calderon. 
  • Seventh grade team: Jack Hepfer, Aaron Muttaparth, Stephen Tomasulo, Matthew Collins, and Thomas Chung. 
  • Ninth grade team: John Neal, Sam Sleurs, and Cooper Patschureck.
  • Ninth/tenth grade team: Navid Mazidabadifarahani (10), Michael Fishburn(9) and Alan Choppy(9).
National History Exam
  • Griffin Rodeder, Grade 8 (Highest score, varsity or JV)
  • Orion Dennin, Grade 8
  • Justin Mo, Grade 6
  • Jeremy Calderon, Grade 6
U.S. Geography Olympiad
  • Gillian Roeder, Grade 10
  • Griffin Roeder, Grade 8
  • Orion Dennin, Grade 8
  • Justin Mo, Grade 6
  • Luke Hershberg, Grade 6
  • Caleb Ells, Grade 8
  • Nyle Dennin, Grade 6
National History Bee
  • Michael Connolly, Grade 12
  • Xavier Cruz, Grade 12
  • Billy Lombardo, Grade 12
  • Fadi Mir, Grade 12
  • Navid Mazidabadhifarahani, Grade 10
  • Orion Dennin, Grade 8
  • Caleb Ells, Grade 8
  • Jeremy Calderon, Grade 6
  • Alan Bu, Grade 6

Congratulations to all students who took part in the Upper Hudson Regional History Bowl. National competition is expected to be held in April in Washington DC. The National History Bowl and Bee was founded in 2010 by David Madden, who had a 19-episode win streak on Jeopardy! 

Learn more about the National History Bowl and Bee.