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Students honored in May by Board of Ed

Filed in District by on May 15, 2017

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Several Bethlehem Central High School students were honored at the May 3, 2017 Board of Education meeting for their scholastic achievements, prestigious accomplishments and their fine representation of the Bethlehem Central School District. Congratulations to all!

2017 National History Bowl 

National History Bowl Champions

  • Alan Choppy
  • Daniel Middendorf
  • Cooper Patschureck
  • Griffin Roeder
  • Samuel Sleurs

National History Bowl Finalists

  • Samuel Cooper
  • Michael Fishburn
  • Benjamin Goldberg
  • Aaron Mattupurath
  • Vincent Rigney

1st Place Winners in Division

  • Caleb Ells
  • Daniel Middendorf
  • Connor Reilly
  • Griffin Roeder

2nd Place Winners in Division

  • Michael Fishburn
  • Ben Goldberg
  • Cooper Patschureck

Hispanic Heritage Foundation National Youth Award

  • Anthony Amato – Bethlehem Central High School senior Anthony Amato has been honored as a Hispanic Heritage Foundation National Youth Award winner. He is one of only eight high school seniors in the United States to win the prestigious award this year. Learn more  about Anthony here.

Finalist for the ASME Foundation and NASA’s Mars Medical Challenge

  • Brianna Balzan – Bethlehem Central High School freshman Brianna Balzan was selected as one of four Teen Finalists for NASA’s Mars Medical Challenge after she used a 3D printer to design a medical device she thinks could help astronauts stay healthy on a mission to Mars. Her invention was singled out among more than 750 submissions nationwide. Learn more about Brianna here.