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Students recognize Board of Ed. for service to BC

Filed in Archive, District by on November 8, 2018

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On Wednesday, November 7, student artists paid special tribute to the seven members of our community who contribute countless hours, at no pay, to make the Bethlehem Central School District the best it can be.

It was School Board Recognition Night, where the community got a chance to say their thanks to board members for their service and where students delivered special tokens of gratitude to the board. 

The students who recognized the BOE with their artwork were:

  • Julia Berner, grade 10
  • Irely Knox, grade 9
  • Emma Liu, grade 9
  • Gabriela Lopez-Toledo, grade 3
  • Nika Midgette, grade 9
  • Leah Payne, grade 4
  • Mysha Sajid, grade 6
  • Emily Spada, grade 9
  • Jack Watson, grade 11

As an added surprise, High School Culinary Arts Teacher Maria Hayes along with Benjamin Clark and Hannah Duncan, student members of the FACs club, brought delicious hand-made candy apple treats to share with the board. The treats were made FACs club members at the clubs November 1 meeting.

Every year, in recognition of the service of current board members, books are dedicated to each of the members and then donated to one of the school libraries in their names. This year, the books ranged from the graphic novel “Dog Man: Lord of the Fleas,” the emotionally charged “The Other Side of Lost,” and the historical book series “What’s the Big Idea?”

Here is a list of where the books will go:

  • Michael Cooper’s books will go to Bethlehem Middle School
  • Holly Dellenbaugh’s books will go to Elsmere Elementary
  • Willow Baer’s books will go to Slingerlands Elementary
  • Christine Beck’s books will go to Hamagrael Elementary
  • Jonathan Fishbein’s books will go to Eagle Elementary
  • Meredith Moriarty’s books will go to Glenmont Elementary
  • Christian Myer’s books will go to Bethlehem High School

BCSD Celebrates Board of Education Recognition Week

According to the National School Boards Association, which celebrates School Board Recognition Week during the last week in October, school board members devote 25 hours per month on average to board business.

“What these individuals give to the BC community goes well beyond what you see in the typical, twice-a-month public board meetings,” said Superintendent Jody Monroe. “There are countless committee meetings, policy review sessions, budget analyses and personnel issues that require a huge commitment of personal time by our board members. They must be well-versed in federal, state and district regulations, stay apprised of a wide range of issues impacting education and they can often be seen at school events representing the district.

“And yet this group is undaunted,” said Superintendent Monroe.

Monroe said several current and former board members have also been part of the BCSD Strategic Planning Committee that has been working since last summer to identify goals, objectives and measurable outcomes that will provide even greater accountability in meeting the educational needs of all students in the district. The Strategic Plan, which will help guide the district’s decision-making through 2024, is expected to be released in February 2019.

The members serving the Bethlehem Central Board of Education are as follows:

  • Michael Cooper, President, first elected to the Board in May 2010
  • Holly Dellenbaugh, Vice President, first elected to the Board in May 2017
  • Willow Baer, first elected to the Board in 2018
  • Christine Beck, first elected to the Board in 2014
  • Jonathan Fishbein, first elected to the Board in May 2016
  • Meredith Moriarty, first elected to the Board in May 2017
  • Christian Myer, first elected to the Board in 2018

Read more about our district’s board members here.

Thank you, Mike, Holly, Willow,  Christine, Jonathan, Meredith and Chris for your service and the time you dedicate to making Bethlehem all it can be.