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Summer Work Packet – Pre-Calculus & Pre-Calculus AB

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Informational Letter – 2018-19 Pre-Calculus & Pre-Calculus AB Students

Dear Students:

This year there is a summer work packet for all students entering regular pre-calculus or pre-calculus AB in September.

Although the concepts that are reviewed in the packet will not be directly assessed they lay the foundation for the topics we study in the first semester of the year.

Each student is responsible for reviewing this material and completing all of the practice problems at the end of each section. Each set of problems is to be completed on a separate sheet of paper (blank electronic sheet), showing all work. All student work should be submitted electronically via Google classroom, by the first day of class. You will receive your schedule and assigned pre-calculus teacher by the end of August. If submitting the completed work electronically is not possible, please bring it with you on the first day of class.

Enjoy the rest of your summer. We are looking forward to meeting you on the first day of class.

Mrs. Lynch and Mr. Fredette: Pre-Calculus AB

Mr. Mysliwiec: Pre-Calculus

Summer Packet – 2018-19 Pre-Calculus & Pre-Calculus AB 

If you cannot access the PDF below, please contact District Math Supervisor William Clairmont at or by calling 518-439-4920 ext. 22055.