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Update Mar. 27: Schools to remain closed through April 15

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The following is a message from Superintendent Jody Monroe:

Dear BC family:

Last year, the district adopted a new mission statement: To educate and prepare all students to reach their potential, discover their purpose and be engaged community members. At the time, we never dreamed that a public health emergency of this magnitude would challenge us to find new ways to stay focused on this mission. But we are trying and we will continue to try with the help of faculty and staff who have demonstrated they are committed to the cause, undeterred in their support to BC students and families.

To limit the spread of the COVID-19/Coronavirus, Governor Cuomo today extended statewide mandatory school closures for another two weeks through April 15. This extended closure was expected and the school district will move forward with its plans to expand at-home learning opportunities and instruction for students K-12.

Educational opportunities online

While instruction will not be the same as in a traditional classroom, our elementary students will have opportunities to be engaged and continue practicing skills in preparation for a return to their regular classrooms. Middle school and high school students will be able to build on the foundation that will prepare them for future grade levels, courses, and post-secondary goals.

Most importantly, our students will continue to connect with their teachers online. 

All instructional content will focus on fundamentals and essential standards. The virtual schedule at all levels will be a compressed one, with teachers prioritizing material that will support students in their journey through K-12 education.

Flexibility is key to this at-home learning plan. The district understands the unique challenges families are facing at home and the stress our students and parents are experiencing. So with this new learn-at-home plan, patience, understanding and empathy will lead the way, every day. Students will be encouraged to participate but will not be restricted by a traditional schedule. Grading will only take place as assignments are either “Complete (Evidence of Learning)” or “Incomplete (Not Yet Learning).” And there will be opportunities to resubmit work. No number or letter grades will be given.

The important elements of this expanded virtual learning plan for BC students can be found here, by grade level:

This information will also be available and accessible on the district website.

You have questions, we may have answers

All of this is new to us, however, you may find you have questions about this plan or about other ways the COVID-19/Coronavirus Outbreak is impacting the district. We have set up a new Q&A email so we can help sort some of these questions out. While our buildings are empty, our staff can and will try to help answer your questions as best we can. If we don’t have an answer, we will tell you that too. Please feel free to email your questions to


While we have been making progress on the logistics of making sure students are fed, that they have the technology they need and are connected to their teachers, we want to be sure we don’t forget about the great community spirit we are known for. Like this, from our staff at Eagle Elementary School. Next week, we want to turn our attention to sharing as much good news as possible. And we can’t do it without you! If you have something you want to share, please send it to We could all use some.

Please continue to check our COVID-19 webpage for updates on food distribution, mental health resources, child care, health reminders and much more.

And as always, thank you for your support you have shown over the past few weeks. It means so much. You can reach me by email at


Jody Monroe