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Warm weather reminders at Elsmere

Filed in Elsmere by on May 18, 2017

Warm Weather Reminders at Elsmere

  • As the warm weather arrives, please be reminded of the Bethlehem Central dress code intended to help students develop appropriate clothing choices for the setting.  Spaghetti straps, belly shirts and other revealing clothing are discouraged in the school setting.  For your child’s safety, only appropriate shoes should be worn for running and playing on the playground.  Sandals may slip off and we want to prevent accidents if possible. 


  • If your student wishes to walk and/or ride a bike to/from school, we need a note of permission from home. If a blanket note covering the year is sent in, please make sure you work out with your child (in advance) what conditions would necessitate him/her taking the bus home (if it’s raining, for example).  If a note was sent in earlier in the school year, a new note is not necessary unless it is being changed (i.e., to include permission to ride a bike).


  • Review with your student the following bike safety rules:
  • Helmet and bike lock are required
  • No riding adjacent to the school building (areas with painted blue lines on sidewalk)
  • Be watchful for walkers


  • In the event of severe weather leading up to dismissal time, we may require that students who normally walk or bike home from school ride a school bus home instead.  Only students accompanied by a parent or adult will be permitted to do otherwise. We try very hard to make this decision by 2:45 but may need to make this decision later, depending on the weather. In each instance, we will make every attempt to send out an SNN alerting you to the fact that students are being required to ride home on a bus.  (This would not apply to School’s Out students.) We do allow children to make calls to review the alternate dismissal plans with parents/guardians.  If we can’t reach you, your child will go home on the bus for their safety. As an added reminder, if storms are affecting the area once the students are on the bus, there may be delays in dropping them off as well.  The normal drop off points may be modified in our efforts to let the students off closer to their homes, or we may hold the children on the buses until the worst of the weather conditions have passed by. We ask that you have a plan in place with your child to address alternate plans that may necessary if a severe weather situation happens.  Thank you for your help with this!


  • When visiting school for class activities at the end of the school day (plays, parties, moving-up ceremonies, etc.) please pay close attention to where you leave your car.  We realize that there are times when there are not enough parking spots available.  If that happens and you are forced to leave your car in a place that is not a designated parking spot, please make sure that your car is far enough out of the way of traffic so that our school buses have room to enter and maneuver in our parking lot.  (As parking is so limited, you might want to consider carpooling.)


  • As always, cars should not be driven in/out of our parking lot during the times of bus activity.  In addition, never pass a school bus when its red lights are flashing.  Not only does it make things unsafe for our students, it is against the law!


We appreciate your continued support.