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Sports sign-up information for winter sports

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Use the sign-up process outlined below to register for the following sports:

  • Boys basketball (Varsity/JV)
  • Girls basketball (Varsity/JV)
  • Winter Cheer (Varsity)
  • Ice Hockey (Varsity)

Sports Sign-up Process

Required forms

  1. Interscholastic Parent/Guardian Consent and Health Office Confirmation **ONLINE FORM**
  2. Physical Appraisal/Examination
  3. Sports Health Update

If needed

  • Emergency Medication Orders
  • Medical Clearance Documentation

Step 1: Interscholastic Parent/Guardian Consent – Required

A parent or guardian must complete the Interscholastic Parent/Guardian Consent Form by

In addition to providing necessary permissions, this form verifies important emergency contact information. 

  • ONLINE FORM The Interscholastic Parent/Guardian Consent Form will be ONLINE through the Aspen Parent Portal

First-time users can follow this easy step-by-step tutorial on how to complete the consent form online.

Once the Health Office staff receives the form, they will follow up with the parent/guardian by email on the status of their child’s physical exam, i.e. if it is current and meets NYS requirements. Health Office staff will also inform the parent/guardian of any other additional paperwork required for their child to participate in a sport.

IMPORTANT:  If you do not receive an email from the health office within 5 – 7 days from the date you completed the form in Aspen, please notify your child’s health office at:

Step 2: Physical Appraisal/Examination – Required

A physical exam is required for all students interested in participating in athletics. Proof of this exam must be a signed physical appraisal form from a New York State licensed medical provider.

Generally, a physical exam performed within 12 months of the month that the sport starts is acceptable. For example: If a sport starts on November 15, 2020, the student’s physical exam needs to be completed on or after November 1, 2019.

The Health Office staff will inform the parent/guardian if an updated exam, or copy of an exam, is needed. Physical appraisal forms are due to the health office at least two weeks before the start of the sport season.

Step 3: Sports Health Update – Required

New York State requires that a parent/guardian complete an update to their child’s health history within 30 days prior to the start of the designated sport season.

First: Download Sports Health Update Form (Fillable PDF)

You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader to use the fillable form. You can download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader here.

*Important: Before you fill out the PDF, please save it and name it, using your child’s name and student ID number (ex. Kent-Clark-9123456-2020-2021-BCSD Sports-Health-Update-Form.pdf)

Second: Email completed form to your student’s Health Office:

If needed: Emergency Medication Orders

Students who have emergency medications must have a current medication order on file. The Emergency Medication Order must be written by the child’s medical provider and be signed by the parent/guardian.

Examples of emergency medications may include (but are not limited to):

  • epinephrine auto-injectors
  • inhaled medications (such as for asthma
  • insulin
  • glucagon
  • Solu-Cortef

In the Emergency Medication Order, the medical provider must attest that the student has been instructed and demonstrated that he/she can self-administer the emergency medication(s) safely and effectively and, that he/she can carry and use this medication independently at any school/school-sponsored activity with no supervision by school staff.

Emergency Medication Orders must be submitted to the Health Office with all other paperwork at least two (2) weeks before the sport season begins.  If you have any questions regarding medication orders please email the appropriate Health Office:

If needed: Medical Clearance Documentation

If your child experienced an illness or injury, within the last 12 months, which restricted their physical activity/participation in physical education, athletics, and/or from attending school, they must have a note from their medical provider clearing them to participate in athletics.

This clearance note must be currently on file or submitted with all other paperwork at least two (2) weeks before the sport season begins.

The Medical Clearance Documentation will be reviewed by the district’s school physician.


Q: What paperwork is required for sports sign-up?

A. The following documents are required:

  • Parent/Guardian Consent Form (completed in Aspen)
  • Physical Appraisal Form
  • Sports Health Update Form
  • Emergency medication form (if required)
  • Medical clearance documentation (if required)

    Q: How do I reach the Health Office to ask questions?

    A. It is best to communicate by email with any questions. Each secondary health office has a dedicated email address for sports:

    Bethlehem Central Middle School Health Office

    Bethlehem Central High School Health Office

    Q: What if a student in grade 7 or 8 wants to try playing at the varsity level in winter 2020?

    A. There will be no new Athletic Placement Process (APP) for the winter season. However, students who have been granted APP status in the past will retain that status in winter 2020. All questions related to APP should be directed to Leonard Kies, Athletic Director,

    Q: What happens if I am late in signing up for a sport and the deadline has passed for sign-ups? Does this mean I can’t play?

    A. If you are late in signing up, you will need to contact Leonard Kies, Athletic Director, for approval to sign up.

    Q: What if my child had an ‘emergency medication’ last year at school, do I need a new doctor’s note for sports this year?

    A. Yes, a new physician’s medication order is needed for each new school year, so if your student has signed up for fall sport, and they had, for example, an EpiPen or Inhaler order, from the doctor during the previous school year, a new order from your doctor should be included with the sports paperwork for the fall sport season {the medication order can be obtained during the summer months, to specify its use during the upcoming sport season and school year}.

    Emergency Medication Form – Secondary Students PDF