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End of Year Reminders from Elsmere

Filed in Elsmere by on June 7, 2019

Severe Weather

Warm and humid days come with the risk of severe weather.  If that should happen leading up to dismissal time we may require that students who normally walk or bike home from school ride a school bus home instead.  Only students accompanied by a parent or adult will be permitted to do otherwise. In each instance, we will make every attempt to send out an SNN alerting you to the fact that students are being required to ride home on a bus.  We ask that you make a plan in advance with your child if this happens.  We do allow children to make calls to check if necessary.  If we can’t reach you, your child will go home on the bus. (This would not apply to School’s Out students.)

Dress Code

Now is also a good time to remind your children about appropriate school dress which includes not wearing revealing clothing such as “short shorts”.  In addition, flip-flop type footwear is not permitted on the playground wood-chip areas.

End of Year Class Events

At this time of year, many classes hold end-of-year plays and activities.  For the most part, the entire school is invited to attend. However, some activities are only intended for the involved class or grade level and those students’ parents.  As instruction is still ongoing school-wide, we respectfully request that parents not ask that siblings be called out of class to attend.

Parking Reminders

As many classroom events take place at the end of the school day, many cars are still in our lot when our school buses begin to arrive.  Please be mindful of where you park your car when attending end-of-day events. If there are no spots available and parking on the grass is necessary, be sure your car is pulled far enough out of traffic as to not interfere with bus traffic.  Whenever possible, carpooling is strongly recommended.

We thank you for your partnership in making this a wonderful school year.