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Healthy Kids Committee

About the Healthy Kids Committee

The mission of the Bethlehem Healthy Kids Committee is to work in cooperation with all levels of district administration and personnel, Bethlehem students and families, and the larger community to improve nutrition, physical activity, environmental health and overall wellness of all students in the Bethlehem Central School District with a goal of providing the best possible environment in which our students can learn. For more information or to join us in this mission, please contact us at

Healthy Kids Week  2017 is here!

Our district has been celebrating Healthy Kids Week for over 10 years and this year, it will be the week of May 8-12, 2017. We hope that our families will join in the fun! The goal of Healthy Kids Week is to help our students understand and experience the benefits of nurturing their bodies and minds in fun and challenging ways. This weeklong event mainly happens at the elementary level.

One of the highlights of this special week is our Healthy Food Drive. Be on the lookout for information about what items are being collected at your school. Bethlehem Food Pantry is in need of personal care items such as shampoo, soap, toothpaste, toilet paper, tissues, etc. Our Healthy Kids Committee volunteers will bring the items from the schools to the Bethlehem Food Pantry, which is such a nice way for our students to feel good about giving back to our community! Please note that Eagle Elementary works with Price Chopper to donate items to the Regional Food Bank Backpack Drive and info on items needed has been included in the letter home to parents.

Another highlight of HK Week is the Healthy Choice Tickets. This is a chance for students to give themselves credit for making a healthy choice. Click here to print the form if your individual school did not send home a hard copy. Prizes will be given for a randomly selected winner in each grade for Tuesday through Friday. And a grand prize of an extra recess will be awarded to the classroom that submits the most healthy choice tickets. Individual schools may vary with this.

  • Moving Monday (May 8)-PE teachers have been doing the Healthy Steps program for years and many of our elementary schools are doing it this week! Our theme for Monday is to enjoy being active and get outside if the weather is as nice as we hope it will be!
  • Tasting Tuesday (May 9)-Send your child in with a new, healthy snack for class snack time. Some nice examples are cucumber slices, snap peas, carrots, apples, egg salad on whole wheat crackers, etc.
  • Walking Wednesday (May 10)-Try walking or biking where you need to go today. Try your own two legs (or wheels) to get to and from school! Of course, safety is paramount so walk in a group with parents and friends and wear a helmet when on a bike, skateboard, etc. If walking to school is not possible, take a walk after school to the store, the library or just around your neighborhood. 
  • Thankful Thursday (May 11)-Random acts of kindness! Work extra hard to perform random acts of kindness today. It feels great and brightens someone’s day.
  • Fresh Air Friday (May 12)-Enjoy the outside. Get outside and enjoy some fresh air, anytime, before school, recess or after school.
Throughout the week there may be pop-in yoga classes and recess fun offered by YMCA staff who will be leading fun activities to get us moving. Each elementary school does things slightly differently, so please check in with your own school to see what healthy and exciting things have been planned for your children. We hope that you enjoy the variety of offerings at your elementary school! 

Farm to You Fest 2016 (October 4-8)

It’s Fall and that means it is time for our 8th Annual Farm to You Fest! Mark your calendars for the week of October 4th! Farm to You Fest is a statewide celebration of local farms and food. It is a program out of NYS Ag and Markets. At Bethlehem CSD, it is a local partnership with Healthy Kids Committee, Green Team, BCMS Garden Club, Delmar Farmers Market and Capital Roots.


Squash Hunger Produce Drive (All week): Each school will be collecting fresh produce to donate to Squash Hunger, a fresh produce drive that is sponsored by Capital Roots. Be on the lookout for the collection bins at your child’s school. Since it is a 4-day week, we may not beat our record from last year (over 1,300 pounds of produce donated by the whole district!), but we sure can try! Please send a locally grown tomato, squash, apples, cucumber or other item into school with your child and they can know they have provided fresh produce for someone using a food pantry or having a meal at a local food pantry.

Farmers Market Scavenger Hunt (Saturday, October 8): What a great way to meet local farmers and learn about the important work they do!  Please download this scavenger hunt checklist and bring it with you to the Tuesday, October 4 farmers market at the Methodist Church on Kenwood Ave (3pm to 6pm) or to the Saturday, October 8 Delmar Farmers Market (DMF) at the Bethlehem Central Middle School (9am to 1pm). The Healthy Kids Committee will have a table at the DFM on that Saturday with extra checklists, in case you need one. Submit the form back to us that Saturday or bring it to your own school’s main office by Tuesday, October 11 for a chance to win a prize donated by the DFM vendors! Kids Committee table.

Try School Lunch (All week): Did you know that many of the fruits and veggies in our school lunches come from local farms? Why not give these farm-fresh lunches a try? We have local apples from Indian Ladder Farms in Altamont, NY. Tomatoes, Squash and Corn on the Cob from Brizzell Farms in Melrose, NY. Chobani Yogurt made in New Berlin, NY using milk from NY dairy cows. As always, all our milk is locally sourced from Sycaway Creamery in Troy, NY and comes from New England dairy cows.

Pack a Farm Fresh Snack (All week): Pack whole fruits or veggies for snacks this week. Sliced apples and pears, cucumbers, carrots…all in season in NY now!


Salad for Kids Day (Friday, October 7): For all lunch periods at the BCMS, there will be free, freshly picked salads! Nothing beats the fresh taste of just-picked lettuce, radishes, carrots and more! You can’t get more local than the produce grown in the middle school garden! It is always a popular event! View photos from the 2014 Salad for Kids Day.

Please see individual school web pages for specific details, as each school does things a little differently. We hope you enjoy this special week and all the delicious and healthy produce that NY farmers grow for us!

Meeting Dates

Bethlehem Healthy Kids Committee holds monthly meetings to plan for our special events and discuss our advocacy work. Here are our meeting dates listed below. As a reminder, all Bethlehem Healthy Kids Committee meetings will be at 7pm at the Bethlehem Public Library. They are in the board room unless otherwise noted.

Farm to You Fest is week of October 3, 2016 (no school that Monday due to Rosh Hashanah)
Healthy Kids Week is week of May 8, 2017

  • Wednesday, September 28, 2016 
  • Wednesday, October 26, 2016
  • Monday, November 11, 2016 (community room)
  • No December meeting
  • Wednesday, January 25, 2017
  • Monday, February 27, 2017
  • Monday, March 27, 2017
  • Monday, April 24, 2017
  • Monday, May 22, 2017
  • No June meeting


Michele Obama calls on American families to fight obesity

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