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Have you heard of the John Newbery Medal?

The week of January 8th starts off our 5th grade Mock Newbery discussion groups. Which book will win the prestigious Newbery award? Stay tuned to the American Media Awards on February 12th to find out! The first book discussed at Slingerlands Elementary School was Tumble and Blue by Cassie Beasley. Our group enjoyed reading this fantasy novel set in the south in the Okefenokee Swamp, but did not think it was “the most distinguished book in children’s literature.” Some of us preferred Cassie Beasley’s debut novel, Circus Mirandus, from two years ago over this tale. We did like the characters, the plot, and the setting – and you might too! We just didn’t think this was “the one.”

The next book discussed was Short by Holly Greenberg Sloan. The group, led by Mrs. O’Shea, really enjoyed the book but did not think that it was Newbery-worthy either. Mrs. Sarnacki’s group loved Beyond the Bright Sea by Lauren Wolk. Might this be our Newbery winner?

On Thursday, Mr. Betor’s group met and discussed wishtree by Katherine Applegate. This author is already known to be a terrific writer as she has won the Newbery award in the past. The students loved the book, but weren’t convinced that this book would be the one to win this year. Later in the day, Ms. Qualtere’s group met and discussed the graphic novel Real Friends by Shannon Hale. Most of the group thought this book was not a strong contender but there were two students that thought a Newbery Honor award might be appropriate. Oh boy – I hope one of our books gets recognition! Mrs. Ward was able to discuss the book Hello, Universe by Erin Entrada Kelly with a student. While they enjoyed the story, they didn’t think it would win the coveted Newbery award.

Friday, Mrs. Bonacquist and her group discussed The War I Finally Won by Kimberly Brubaker Bradley. This was a follow-up to the book The War That Saved My Life which won a Newbery Honor award in 2016. Again, though the group enjoyed the book, they just didn’t think it would win top honors this year. Oh boy. Are any of our mock Newbery books going to get recognition? We will have to wait until February to find out!

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