Healthy Kids Committee

About the Healthy Kids Committee

The mission of the Bethlehem Healthy Kids Committee is to work in cooperation with all levels of district administration and personnel, Bethlehem students and families, and the larger community to improve nutrition, physical activity, environmental health and overall wellness of all students in the Bethlehem Central School District with a goal of providing the best possible environment in which our students can learn. For more information or to join us in this mission, please contact us at

This year’s F2YF will be October 2-7, 2023. Each of our schools participates in different ways but one common theme is the appreciation of fresh produce that is grown locally, so tasty and good for our health!

The Bethlehem Healthy Kids Committee is pleased to announce our 14 th annual Farm to You Fest event, which is a statewide celebration of local farms and food. This event has been a great partnership with BC Green Team, Delmar Farmers Market, Capital Roots and BCSD Food Services. We hope your child will enjoy celebrating Farm to You Fest both at school and with you at home; below are some ways to participate.  Enjoy!

“Squash Hunger” Fruit and Vegetable Drive – donate some fresh NY fruits and veggies at school for local people in need. Our collection bins will be at
McCarroll’s/Delmar Marketplace and NOT at our individual schools. Any fresh produce is welcome (butternut squash, apples, carrots, tomatoes, zucchini, onion, beets, pears, etc.) This is a longtime partnership with Capital Roots’ Squash Hunger Program. Our district has donated over 5,000 pounds of produce since we began doing F2YF.

Guess the Weight of the Pumpkin – Participating schools will be guessing the weight of pumpkins! This fun activity is organized by the BC Green Team. Closest guess wins the pumpkin!

Try School Lunch – Did you know that many of the fruits and veggies in our school lunches come from local farms? Why not give these farm fresh lunches a try?

Pack a Farm Fresh Snack – Pack whole fruits or veggies for snacks this week – sliced apples and pears, cucumbers, carrots… all in season in NY now!

BCMS Salads for Kids Day will be Thursday, October 5 during the lunch periods at the middle school. Students can enjoy a freshly picked salad for FREE and celebrate how awesome it is to have fresh and delicious produce grown at their school.

Farmers Market Fun

Scavenger Hunt – Visit any local farmers market with your checklist in hand Scavenger Hunt Checklist.  Turn in your completed checklist at the Delmar Saturday Farmers Market (at the BCSD Middle School; 9AM – 1PM) on October 7th . We will have extra copies of the checklist at our Healthy Kids table at the farmers market.

Fruit and Veggie BINGO – Collect your BINGO card at the Healthy Kids Committee table at the Delmar Farmers Market and go meet local farmers. See which fruits and veggies they grow and sell and then mark your BINGO card.



See Michele Obama’s call to action for American families to stay active and fight childhood obesity: