BC student artwork to be featured at statewide convention

Several students from the Bethlehem Central School District will have artwork displayed at the New York State School Boards Association (NYSSBA) statewide convention in Syracuse next week. The exhibit, co-sponsored by  NYSSBA and the New York State Art Teachers Association (NYSATA), is intended to highlight achievement in visual arts by students across the state.

“The work on display demonstrates a high level of student ability at every grade level, in a spectacular range of mediums, techniques, and genres,” said  BC art department supervisor Melanie Painter.

The selections for the NYSSBA exhibit were made by the district’s art teachers last spring. Artists whose work will be represented include the following students and recent graduates:

  • Sophia Raydo
  • Emma Hill
  • Peyton Roach*
  • Charley VanWie
  • Ila Jerabek
  • Charisse Ejanda
  • Emma Chaney*
  • Jane Clark*
  • Malik Robbins
  • Violet Bickersmith
  • Isabella Kita
  • Quinn Knaub
  • Kat Arthur
  • Clayton Dutfield*
  • Matthew Golonka*
  • Sophia Wang
  • Audrey Bowerman
  • Ella Traynor*
  • Nora Samson*
  • Everly Johnson
  • Adam Shkolnik
  • Aubrey Platt
  • Nell Sterrett
  • Ian Schultz
  • Leah Copperwheat

*members of the BCHS Class of 2022

“It is a great honor to be representing our school’s art program at this special event,” said Painter. 

The NYSSBA Annual Convention Artwork will be displayed virtually to all school board members attending the NYSSBA event from October 27-29.

You can view the BCSD NYSSBA 2022 artwork here.