“Be the Change” recipients for Nov-Dec 2021

be the change recipients nov-dec 2021

At Bethlehem Central High School, there are many students who are making a difference at school and at home. Each month, some of these students are recognized for acts of kindness or displaying character strengths that make them role models among their peers. At the high school, these students are a big part of the school’s “Be the Change” mantra, where they make setting high standards for their peers look easy.

Congratulations to the group of students recognized as the school’s “Be the Change” recipients for November and December! They are:

  • Albrecht, Mirella
  • Blendell, Sam
  • Bronk, Eileen
  • Bughrara, Nyara
  • Casey, Leah
  • Clarke, Nathi
  • Drew, Rachel
  • Edwards, Marlisse**
  • Edwards, Marlisse (twice!)
  • Fresina, Sam
  • Golonka, Matthew
  • Gough, Sydney
  • Graham, Chris
  • Hill, Emma
  • Ingraham, Onya
  • Izzard, Teah**
  • Jacobs, Justice
  • Lettrick, Violette
  • Marinello, Marcella
  • Martocci, Diana
  • Medert, Katrina
  • Meek, Sean
  • Millard, Lily
  • Paul, Lola
  • Pokabla, Ellie
  • Radosevich, Nikhilesh
  • Robinson, Jamuel**
  • Rodriguez, Avi
  • Rodriguez, Starr
  • Scheilding, Madison
  • Shook, Damese**
  • Soraghan, Evan
  • Staff, Brody
  • VonWedel, Kelsey
  • Walston, Anna**
  • Winne, Ellen
  • Yohe, Logan

Our “Be the Change” students are automatically entered to win gift cards. Those awarded gift cards are noted below with a ** next to their names.