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About Elsmere

Elsmere_MascotOur theme is PRIDE: Personal Best, Respect and Responsibility, Integrity, Determination and Enthusiasm, which guides us each day in our work and play. As we immerse ourselves in hands on curriculum and valuable learning, we focus on the importance of applying our skills in responsible ways. Elsmere School seeks to provide a safe place for children to aspire to the highest academic standards. We encourage our students to be all they can be at school and beyond, and we celebrate their successes. Our parents and staff have a strong partnership focused on providing the best environment for the children.

We call Elsmere School “a place to love and grow.”

Mission Statement

The mission of Elsmere School is to provide an atmosphere of tolerance and acceptance where all children are treated equally, yet recognized for their special qualities, abilities, and talents. In this atmosphere, teaching and learning, self-esteem and self-discipline, confidence and caring, work hand-in-hand to provide a place where children can truly “love and grow.”

Elsmere History and School Song

The Elsmere Elementary School is located in the small community of Delmar, which is adjacent to the City of Albany.

Construction of the Elsmere School began in 1927, and it opened on September 4, 1928. It originally housed grades 1-8 in four rooms, with 41 first and second graders in one room and 26 seventh and eighth graders in another. Today we have around 280 students enrolled in grades K-5, with class sizes ranging from 20-25 in 13 classrooms.

Elsmere School Song:


Elsmere School’s the place to be
Home away from home, you see.
We all know
That when we go
We’ve had a place to love and grow.

Friends and teachers always caring
Time for learning and for sharing.
For all the ways
We spend our days
Elsmere School, we sing your praise.

(words and music by Cathy Schaeffer)

Parking Policy

No vehicles except buses are to move within or enter the Elsmere School parking area during the opening of school (9:00-9:20AM) or dismissal (3:15-3:30PM), regardless of weather conditions.

Drivers wishing to drop off or pick up children during these times are asked to do so on Herrick Avenue. Please observe the “No Parking Between Signs” area. Buses cannot make the turn into the school lot with cars in that area.

It is illegal to pass a school bus loading and unloading passengers. These regulations are for the safety of your children.

Early Dismissal Due to Weather

We do not call parents when school closes due to bad weather because we do not have the staff to reach everyone. The district will alert parents to an early dismissal via its Web site, the School News Notifier e-mail alert system, and local media outlets.

You will need to instruct your child to go home on the bus, or you will need to make arrangements with a neighbor or friend who lives on the same bus route as your child. All children will be dismissed to the buses. There will be no walkers in the event of an early closing.

When school closes due to the weather, School’s Out is also closed. Please make sure your children know what they are to do when school closes early.