Farm to School initiative highlights maple syrup production

CCE educators, and three photos of students enjoying the presentationThroughout March, the Cornell Cooperative Extension (CCE) visited each of BCSD’s five elementary schools to highlight the process of maple syrup production.

Students learned that March is known as “sugaring season” in the Northeast. In late winter, when the weather transitions and daytime temperatures warm to above freezing and nights dip below freezing, sap begins to flow. This is when maple producers tap their trees to collect sap.

CCE educators detailed the process of turning sap into syrup, and students learned how to distinguish between real maple syrup and artificial. Students were delighted to taste-test delicious NYS-made maple candy at the end of the presentation.

Harvest of the Month is a Farm to School initiative that promotes a different locally grown food in the school cafeteria each month. The campaign highlights New York State products served in BCSD’s school cafeterias.