World Languages students debate World Cup ahead of big game

Several students in the high school’s World Languages program practiced their language skills in a multicultural debate over the question that’s on everyone’s mind: Who will win today’s World Cup soccer game?

The students put together this video hoping to encourage their peers to add French or Spanish to their schedules next year. 

The English translation is:

  • (Spanish) May the best one win! 
  • (Spanish) I want Argentina because I like Messi.
  • (French) I hope that France will win because it is my favorite team. 
  • (Spanish) Argentina is the best team
  • (Spanish)  Messi is the best player
  • (French) France is the winner. France is much better than Morocco.
  • (Spanish) I do not like France.
  • (French) Why?
  • (Spanish)  I just do not like them.

Good luck to both teams and enjoy the game!