2016 Facilities Improvement Capital Project

The 2016 Facilities Improvement Capital Project, as described below, was completed in December 2020.

On November 29, 2016, Bethlehem Central Residents approved a $32,165,551 bond referendum that will be used to pay for 111 facilities improvement projects across the district. Among the projects included in the proposal are building renovations, structural improvements, paving and drainage work at sites throughout the district, asbestos abatement, electrical and plumbing work and security upgrades. The cornerstone of the project is a $7.8 million renovation of the existing high school auditorium. 

The bond project was developed over several months during Board of Education meetings and community forums.

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Bethlehem High School Projects
Bethlehem Middle School Projects
Eagle Elementary Projects
Elsmere Elementary Projects
Glenmont Elementary Projects
Hamagrael Elementary Projects
Slingerlands Elementary Projects
Transportation Projects
Operations & Maintenance Projects 

Construction overview:

Bethlehem High School
  • Renovate High School Auditorium using existing footprint.
  • Renovate and reconfigure the Library Media Center (LMC) by expanding windows to allow for more natural light, replace carpet, lighting, ceiling tiles and furniture.
  • Renovate all restrooms in B, D, F and G wings.
  • Provide additional security cameras.
  • Baseball field improvements including grading and drainage, replacing pitcher’s mound/plates, adding new backtops, fencing and plates on JV and Varsity fields. New dugouts/storage at varsity field.
  • Renovate & reconfigure high school main office and replace existing main office HVAC system.
  • Renovate large D-122 classroom.
  • Continue upgrades to pool area including repair to pool deck tile, drain replacement, replace bleachers, add PA system, upgrade ceiling acoustics. Replace filter/pump.
  • Renovate/reconfigure high school kitchen, replace ceiling, add new lighting, soffits, separate office from kitchen prep area.
  • Replace “press box” at stadium field for safety of game announcers, coaches and media.
  • Replace home and visitor bleachers at stadium field with ADA compliant bleachers. This will expand capacity from 1,000 to 1,500 on  “home” side and 500 to 1,000 on “visitor” side.
  • New drainage at fenced practice field.
  • Refinish/replace corroded exterior steel supports.
  • Window replacements in D wing to increase energy efficiency.
  • Sidewalk replacement near C wing.
  • Asbestos abatement in certain areas.
  • Pave gravel access road off Elm Avenue to allow 20 new parking spaces near athletic fields.
  • Install drop curb in southwest parking lot.
  • Repair/replace leaking skylights in F wing.
  • Replace hot water tank in F wing, make heating and air handling improvements.
  • Provide ADA compliant restrooms near the event parking lot located off Elm Avenue. Provide small storage area in building.
  • Extend existing irrigation to allow more efficient watering of athletic fields.
Bethlehem Middle School
  • Replace windows in original building (1932) and select windows in other areas
  • Provide additional security cameras throughout the school.
  • Kitchen reconfiguration to improve efficiency.
  • Renovate nurse’s office to increase privacy, functionality.
  • Replace roofing in pool/locker room wing, media center and band/chorus wing.
  • Replace damaged skylights in band/chorus classrooms.
  • Refinish/repair steel supports where corroded.
  • Miscellaneous asbestos abatement.
  • Replace flooring in older wings (1932 and 1956).
  • Replace stage curtains with new flame-retardant curtains.
  • Replace interior doors/hardware in 1932 and 1956 wings.
  • Pave gravel area of parking lot.
  • Upgrade pool tile and equipment, prep and refinish steel structure; replace starting blocks; replace old pipes.
  • Replace summer boiler.
  • Replace hot water ventilators in Rooms 045 and 039.
  • Upgrade public address (PA) system.
  • Replace upper gym floor, bleachers and wall pads.
  • Make improvements to track field.
  • Add additional outdoor storage.
Eagle Elementary School
  • Add security cameras.
  • Add exterior exit door cafeteria.
  • Add 8 parking spaces on south side.
  • Expand play area behind building and improve drainage along paved area.
  • Install new playground equipment (with additional support from PTA).
  • Install drop curb for snow removal.
  • Add air conditioning in 2nd floor library.
Elsmere Elementary School
  • Asbestos abatement in various areas of the school.
  • Reconfigure main office to improve front entry security.
  • Add security cameras.
  • Renovate gym including restoration of masonry, stage area and replacement of wall padding and backstops.
  • Replace stage curtains with flame retardant curtains.
  • Roof replacement.
  • Exterior masonry restoration.
  • Replace windows at 1964 wings.
  • Outdoor play area resurfacing.
  • Reconfigure traffic flow and add parking.
  • Replace pavement and improve drainage. Add/replace site lighting.
  • Replace sidewalk near flagpole, make entrances ADA accessible.
  • Replace drainage pipe.
  • Add storage building.
  • Hot water pipe replacement.
  • Stair refurbishment, new handrails
Glenmont Elementary School
  • Full kitchen renovation, including new equipment, reconfigured serving line.
  • Add security cameras.
  • Replace pavement, make drainage improvements in parking area.
  • Resurface basketball courts.
  • Replace stage curtains with flame retardant curtains.
  • Add ADA lift at stage.
  • Replace fire alarm components.
  • Refinish metal roofing on 1991 addition.
Hamagrael Elementary School
  • Pavement reconstruction.
  • Add security cameras.
  • Refinish metal roofing on 1991 addition.
Slingerlands Elementary School
  • Exterior masonry repairs near main entrance.
  • Replace bus parking pavement.
  • Add security cameras.
  • Renovate girls’ and boys’ restrooms in 1989 wing.
  • Repave front parking lot.
  • Replace deteriorated sidewalks.
  • Renovate school bus driver training area.
  • Provide additional security cameras.
  • Replace roof over existing building.
Operations & Maintenance
  • Add 10 parking spaces.
  • Modify driveway to accommodate larger trailers.
  • Provide additional security cameras.