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Be the Change

Help us recognize as many students as possible who are making positive contributions in the Bethlehem Central community. If you are a teacher, administrator, counselor, student, coach, staff or community member, you can nominate students for acts of kindness or for simply displaying good character. Each month, students will be nominated based on character strengths that are designated for that particular month. Additionally, a few of the nominated students will be randomly selected each month and presented with a prize donated by an area business.

Promote an even more positive culture in our community! Submit your online nomination form here.


The following community businesses have joined as partners in Be the Change by providing gift cards for our student winners. Thank you to them for their support! If you know of a business who would like to become a Be the Change sponsor, please contact Nicole Conway by email at or by phone at (518) 439-4921.

“Be the Change” Recipients – November/December 2020

  • Cable, James
  • Castle, Fiona
  • Chaney, Emma
  • Collier, Matthew
  • Connors, Daniel
  • Doolen, Piper
  • Goddard, Ronan
  • Harvey, Julia**
  • Hollands, Cara
  • Hollands, Clara
  • Isenberg, Zach
  • Jantson, Dan
  • Kancha, Archisha
  • Kivort, Mirielle
  • Landi, Peter
  • Leonard, Emma
  • Lichtenwalner, David
  • Louridas, Maren
  • Meek, Sean
  • Mert, Berfin
  • Murray, Hayden
  • Pachter, Liv
  • Palange, Darius
  • Queenan, Maya
  • Revai, Christian
  • Somide, Walton
  • Uveges, Darlina
  • White, Pamela
  • Wilcox, Ellia

“Be the Change” Recipients – September/October 2020

  • Battista, Olivia
  • Chrapowitzky, Grace
  • Davis, Robert
  • de Waal Malefyt, Jonathan
  • Doran, Brianna
  • Garrison, Julia
  • Hammond, Rachel
  • Hammond, Rachel
  • Hazaz, Robert
  • Huli, Danielle
  • Killian, Jake
  • Levin, Kyla
  • Liu, Emma
  • Mastracco, Marissa
  • McGee, Toni
  • Olewnick, Jacob
  • Parsons, Paula
  • Pasetto, Vesna
  • Patel, Aman
  • Santeliz, Nyahera
  • Sulo, Uarda
  • Voorhaar, Hannah
  • Walters, Maggie (Margaret)
  • Zhou, Daniel

“Be the Change” Recipients – January 2020

Congratulations to our “Be the Change” recipients for January 2020. They are: Melana Carlton, Holiday Sims, Nya Santeliz, Katherine Bailey, Abby Paulsen, Enrique de Paz, Alaina Canova, Annie Grace Cummings Ledbetter, Kaeden McMullen-McCormick, Daegan Swasey, Spencer Trupiano, Aliza Cotton, Caroline Wise, Kiersten Murray, Katherine Cable, Nate Plummer, Devon Guzy, Eileen Bronk, Mary Devane, Leah Gornstein, Grace Truchard, Aman Patel, Connor Bohn, Madison Mutziger, Holliday Sims, William Kreigenberg, Rima Shah, Maren Louridas, Caroline Reilly. Not pictured: Camryn Tutunjian, Conner Colonno, Maria Latorre, Jaydan DesChamps, Molly Fortin, Nikhilesh Radosevich, and Flannery (Ruby) Lalor.

group of students poses for photo

“Be the Change” Recipients – December 2019

Congratulations to our “Be the Change” recipients for December 2019. They are: Jheda’e Jagdath, Caroline Mentes, Eli Horwitz, Uarda Sulo, Gillian Roeder, Jasmine Facchetti, Will Holt, Sam Tenenbaum, Pam White, Richie Myers, Rowan (Jaden) Zapatka, Alex Cafiero, Ava Furgele. Not pictured: Holly Vanwie, Alex Schalk, Jeremy Munn, Caleb Gambelunghe, Greta Graf, Sydney Whitley.

“Be the Change” Recipients – November 2019

Congratulations to our “Be the Change” recipients for November 2019. They are: Ryan Kozlowski, Christian Minnicks, Andrew Kirby, Katheryn Williams, Irely Knox, Marisa Seres, Hunter Detwiler, Kailee Harrigan, Mackenzie Townsend, Madison McGuiness, Adam Fox, Aidan Raffe, Andre Cridlig, Catherine Corbitt, Nick Sammon, Sophia Harris, Tim Baranovsky, Taylor Davis, Katie James, Lauren Heineman, Liam Bartholomew, Luke Inglis, Soham Joshi, Matt Vichaiwattana, Joey Furlong, David Bloom, Stella Bradshaw, Cody Martin, Jackson St. Cyr, Natalie Moshier, Megan Dellenbaugh, Lauren Hamilton, Mark DiLullo, Jack Tichman, Rich Myers, Ryan Taffe, Ella Kasper. Not pictured: Omer Keles, Jared Scharf, Amelia Kennedy, Danielle Ryfa, Eve Yaghi, Luca Verner, Justice Jacobs, Emma Radzyminski, NeiNei Du, Nya Santeliz, Aidan Stickan.

“Be the Change” Recipients – October 2019

students pose for photo

Congratulations to our BCHS “Be the Change” nominees for the month of October. They include: Patrick Gould, Michelle Moczulski, Emi Torlasco, Matthew Connolly, Lily Marshall, Madeleine Kaplan, Andrew Provera, Holly VanWie, Dakota Neess (not pictured), Daniel Gillespie (not pictured), Thomas Burzesi (not pictured), Caitlin Chung (not pictured), and Sydney Whitley (not pictured). These students were nominated by faculty/staff for making positive contributions to the school community in ways that highlight the character strengths of curiosity, fairness and forgiveness.

“Be the Change” Recipients – September 2019

group of students pose for photo

Congratulations to our BCHS “Be the Change” nominees for the month of September. They include: Maggie Bailey, Trey Hill, Ishaan Jerabek, Ava Kotary, Ella Kaspar, Mackenzie Gorman, Alex Ramos, Julianna Barriere, Isabella Maritato, Holliday Sims, Maria Latorre, Aidan Basal, Sarah Bernasconi, Viera “Nika” Midgette, Annabelle Liu, Isabelle (Izzy) Brusic, Brandon Lauder (not pictured), Mathis Edwards (not pictured), Kirsty Ihenetu (not pictured). These students were nominated by faculty/staff for making positive contributions to the school community in ways that highlight the character strengths of bravery, creativity and appreciation of beauty. 

“Be the Change” Recipients – May 2019

A group of people huddle in front of a cabinet and smile

Top Row (L to R): Mr. Doemel, Chris Keegan, Hendreich Alas, Lily Marshall, Sarah Arnold, Garrett Gregory, Braden Jones, Luke Ruud, Christian Abdo, Eddie Stevens, Ms. Conway

Middle Row (L to R): Brynn Jones, Sydney Whitley, Sanaa Amir, Talia Sanders, Evin Mattupurath

Front Row – Kneeling (L to R): Uqua Blair, Abby Klein, Sofie Ridgway, Abby Paulsen, Jack Burman, William Bievenue, Brad Agba

Not pictured: Michael Coe, Ben Hamm, Steven Hummel, Rachel John, Braden Jones, Noah Koch, Caroline Mentes, Nika Midgette, Dakota Neess, Gracie Skultety, Keith Winnie

“Be the Change” Recipients – April 2019

Top Row (L to R): Ms. Conway, Kelcie Moss, Corey Herbster, Thomas Buffaline, Joseph Harvey, Michael Guyette, Christopher Ramundo, Nicholas Gicewicz, Dylan Grimaldi-Johnson

Front Row (L to R): Chengyu Jihuang, Sarah Marshall, Ella Kasper, Danielle Ryfa, Hailey Brown, Madison Rich, Mr. Doemel

Not pictured: Mollie Drew, Genny Drake, Abigail Geurtze, Ashley Gillies, Paul Kelly, Brandon Lauder, Derek Martelle, Evan Pastino, Rachel Persons, Nicholas Zigrosser