BCMS Career Day 2023

Images of various volunteers giving presentations and middle school students enjoying career day.

On Thursday, Mar. 16, grade 7 students had the opportunity to learn about a variety of careers. More than 40 volunteers shared stories about their jobs and about the journeys they have taken in their careers. 

Thank you all for making this year’s Career Day at BCMS informative and fun!

Public Health, Public Administration, Public Safety 

  • Jennifer Vesekis, Adult Protective Services Supervisor
  • Gene Primomo, Criminal Defense Attorney
  • Bill Ketzer, Government Relations Lobbyist
  • Trooper Curtis Rich, NYS Police
  • David Pachan, Forest Ranger Lieutenant
  • Mike McLaughlin, Director of Policy and Intergovernmental Affairs
  • Courtney Snye, Customs & Border Protection Officer
  • Daniel F. Ambia, Chief Warrant Officer 3, US Army National Guard
  • Nora Yates, Policy Maker in NYS Government

Health & Human Sciences 

  • Denis Whitford, Certified Addictions Registered Nurse
  • Suzie Barry, Pediatric ICU Physician
  • Tricia Primomo, Doctor of Dental Surgery
  • Anthony Marino, VP American Cancer Society
  • Samuel Dellenbaugh, Orthopaedic Surgeon
  • Luis Garcia, Physician Assistant & Army Officer
  • Lea Montalto-Rook, CEO, Big Brothers, Big Sisters
  • Laura Kapla, Care Manager – helps adults with disabilities
  • Tom Styles, TSL Kids Crew

   Business, Finance & IT

  • Molly Michalek, Auto Claims Team Manager
  • Kylie McKenna, Financial Planner, CPA
  • Joseph Capuano, Economist/Federal Auditor
  • Tom Stebbins, Auctioneer
  • Marc Agel, Owner, Financial Firm
  • Jessica Kansas, Software Sales
  • Laura Kennedy, Branch Manager, Community Bank
  • Erin Sheevers, Chief Technology Officer
  • Kate McBain, Member Relations Manager, Sunmark

Communications, Education & STEM

  • Chris Carr, Semiconductor Engineer
  • Evan Thorpe, Communication Specialist
  • Samuel Feldman, Colon and Rectal Surgeon, retired
  • Ava Schlesinger, Preconstruction Engineer
  • Jaimy George, Environmental Educator
  • Teresa Dalmata, Newscast Director, Spectrum News
  • Jordan Lemley, Marketing and Social Media Manager at a local live music venue
  • Kathy Greenwood, Public Art Program Director
  • Emily Janssen, Director of Learning & Engagement, StoryCorps

Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources, Hospitality & Tourism

  • Daniel Mazeu, Archeology
  • Katherine Nadeu, Catskill Mountainkeeper’s Deputy Director Environmental Advocate
  • Craig Terry, Power Plant Operations

Architecture & Construction, Transportation

  • Benjamin Makowski, New York State Thruway Authority Training Specialist
  • Jason Bradt, Equipment Operator, Town Highway Department
  • Victoria Carl, Owner, Carl’s Advanced Auto Mechanic
  • Rick Africano, Roof Truss Design Technician
  • G. Douglas Cutsogeorge, Architect & College Professor, retired
  • Kevin & Jen Frick, Family Trucking company
  • Harvet Jones, Real Estate Investor
  • Lynne A. Kimball, Esq., Real Estate Lawyer
  • Jeff Andrews, Senior Project Manager (Construction)