BCHS course selection process for 2023-24 to begin Dec. 19

Dear Grades 9-11 Students and Parents/Guardians:

The 2023-2024 BCHS Course Curriculum Handbook is now available. Starting Monday, December 19, your student will begin participating in the course selection process. To get you and your child familiar with some of the courses that may be available to them, please review the 2023-24 Curriculum Handbook and Course Selection Sheet below.

Curriculum Handbook

To view the 2023-24 Bethlehem Central High School Course Curriculum Handbook, please click here. (Google Doc)

To print a PDF copy of the 2023-24 Bethlehem Central High School Course Curriculum Handbook click here.

Course Selection Sheet

Please click here to view the 2023-24 Course Selection Sheet [PDF].

Students’ current teachers will make course recommendations for next year by Friday, January 13, 2023. These recommendations will be posted on ASPEN for your review prior to making course selections. The counselors plan to meet with students from Monday, January 16 to Friday, February 17 to review and discuss their recommendations, and to make course requests. There will be more information with regard to this plan soon. We will then begin to build the master schedule in late February.

Throughout the course selection process, our counselors and department supervisors invite students and parents to contact them directly should you have questions or need support.

David Doemel