Food Service FAQs – Fall 2021

What is the cost of breakfast and lunch at school?

Grades K-12

Breakfast and lunch are free this year for all students. 

How will lunch work at school this fall?

Grades K-5

Each morning, teachers will take a lunch count and submit this information to the school cafeteria. The school cafeteria will prepare and deliver meals to the classrooms at lunchtime. Noon aides will monitor children as they wash hands, eat lunch and clean up using bins located in or just outside the classroom. Noon aides will bring students to recess before or after lunch. This is the same as in the 2020-21 school year.

Grades 6-8

No more pre-ordering!! Meals are available to grab & go. Students will come through the lunch line and grab a pre-packed, complete meal to take with them to their assigned seating area. Seating is socially distanced and students are assigned to either the cafeteria or the library. The library will also have a lunch line so students do not need to travel and lose any time to eat.

Grades 9-12

No more pre-ordering!! All meals are available in the BCHS cafeteria. The BC Blend Coffee Shop is OPEN 7:30 am-1:00 pm with FREE Breakfast and many of the favorite a la carte offerings later in the day. Eagle Snacks will be open 9:45 am-2:30 pm. The regular lunch lines with hot food, cold sandwiches & salads will be open periods 4-7 every day. The menu will be emailed to all students each month. Cafeteria seating is socially distanced. Students without a lunch period may eat at designated eating areas in hallways outside of classrooms before heading into class if needed. Many grab-and-go (quick) meal options will be available to accommodate students’ busy schedules.

Can I pack lunch for my child instead?

Of course. You are welcome to choose either option on a daily basis.

What will the school lunch menu look like?

Grades K-5

The lunch menu will look the same and still be available on the school website. Some options at the elementary level will change to better accommodate service to the classroom K-5. The only snack item available at the elementary level will be carton milk ($0.50). Bottled water will not be available for purchase this year. Students should plan to bring a reusable water bottle that can be refilled as needed.

Grades 6-8

At the Middle School lunch menus will be set up for fast service and we will be adding a lunch line to accommodate more students getting lunch. Menu options may change as a result. Three snack items will be available for purchase daily, one of each type (beverage, chips, cookie). All items meet USDA Smart Snacks requirements.

Grades 9-12

At the High School lunch menus will be the same and there will be even more ways to make student’s favorite items into a free lunch meal! We will be bringing back the BC Blend Coffee Shop and other a la carte options for purchase this year as well.

Will there be frequent menu changes?

As you may have heard in the news lately, supply chain issues are impacting many industries. The food service industry has been particularly hard hit. While we are working and planning diligently to ensure our high standards of service will continue, it is likely that there will be more frequent menu changes than a normal year. We thank you for your patience and understanding as we navigate these new challenges.

My child has a food allergy. How will this be handled with meals being served in the classroom/eating area?

Allergy information will still be connected to a student’s meal account and meals prepared for classroom/cafeteria delivery will be made according to diet prescriptions for students that have a physician note on file with the school nurse.

Will breakfast be available too?

Yes, and it is free too! Breakfast is available at all levels.

Grades K-5

Due to increased participation last year we will be expanding access at the K-5 level with grab & go breakfast available in the hallway/common areas at morning dropoff. Breakfast can be eaten in the classroom and/or saved for snack time later in the day.

Grades 6-8

Middle School breakfast will be offered in the cafeteria and kiosk locations near school entrances in the mornings.

Grades 9-12

High School breakfast will be offered in the cafeteria and kiosk locations near school entrances in the mornings.

When will September menus be available?

Menus will be emailed to parents prior to school starts so you can view the exciting new offerings!

Will the MySchoolBucks transaction fee be the same as last year?

No. MySchoolBucks has increased the transaction fee this year for making online payments with a credit or debit card. MySchoolBucks is now charging me $2.75 instead of $2.49 per transaction. We encourage you to make larger payments, when possible, and remind you that you can split payments for multiple children and only incur one fee.