Football team honors teachers

When members of the Bethlehem Central High School football team decided they wanted to honor teachers as part of Homecoming Week 2021, they knew just what they wanted to do.

They polled their teammates asking them to nominate one teacher at the high school who has had a significant impact on their lives. With the votes tallied, the team decided they would name the two top vote-getters as honorary co-captains for this week’s Homecoming Week football game.

And that’s just what they did when they surprised BCHS teachers Dani Blanchard and Lisa Kniffin and asked them to serve as co-captains at the game. See for yourself:

Six other high school teachers were also honored this week when the senior members of the football team presented their “most impactful” teachers with one of their jerseys to wear to the big game. These teachers are:

  • Kevin Shannon
  • Morgan Flynn
  • Steven Guilfoyle
  • Mike Letzring
  • Preya Krishna-Kennedy
  • Nick Ferguson

“Our football team was excited to do something a little different for homecoming,” said Coach John Carlino. “The team appreciates all of our teachers and the effort they give each and every day.”

Bethlehem will play Schenectady at the Homecoming Game on Friday night, Oct. 15, at 7 p.m. 

Best of luck to the team and congratulations to our teachers!