Healthy Kids Week is May 2-7

A message from the Bethlehem Healthy Kids Committee…

Our district will be celebrating Healthy Kids Week from May 2-7, 2022. We hope that our BC families will join in the fun! 

The goal of Healthy Kids Week is to help our students understand and experience the benefits of nurturing their bodies and minds in fun and challenging ways. Our theme this year is Well-Rounded Health.

This weeklong event mainly happens at the elementary level. Each elementary school does things slightly differently, so please check in with your own school to see what healthy and exciting things have been planned for your children.

No matter what is being planned at each building, it’s a great week to encourage your child to bring a different healthy snack to school. With the warmer weather, let’s all get outside to enjoy some fresh air and physical activity. Remember to wear a helmet when using anything on wheels (bikes, skateboards, rollerblades, scooters, etc.).

Please visit our web page for a variety of activities that we invite you to enjoy.