Science Olympiad teams rack up medals this season

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Last month, a team of 15 students from Bethlehem Central High School traveled to LeMoyne College to compete against the top 60 schools from across New York in the Science Olympiad State Tournament, which lasted two days and consisted of 23 different events ranging from taking a exam that tests one’s knowledge of Anatomy and Physiology to building a catapult or an airplane. 

Bethlehem finished 29th overall while capturing 5th place medals in Forensics (Gordon Su and Harlow Kung) and 6th place medals in Chemistry Lab (Gordon Su and Garima Yadav). 

In order to earn the right to attend the State Tournament, the Bethlehem team placed second overall at the Capital District Regional Tournament while capturing medals in most of the events.  A second team from Bethlehem (Team B) finished 6 overall out of 17 teams from across the Capital District, while also earning several medals.

Anatomy & Physiology

  • Archisha Kancha & Ela Yucel (6th place)


  • Noria Zhang and & Harlow Kung (2nd place)


  • Eva Ho & Lindsay Pierce (6th place)
  • Kripa Hongalgi & Jonah Koplik (4th place) (Team B)

Cell Biology

  • Abigail Nautel & Dhara Patel (4th place)
  • Deon Koshy Santhosh & Sophie Wang (5th place) (Team B)

Chemistry Lab 

  • Gordon Su & Sean Harwick (1st place)


  • Gordon Su & Harlow Kung & Suzanna Amirbekian (1st place)

Detector Building

  • Lindsay Pierce & Charlie He (4th place)
  • Garima Yadav & Aaditya Ojha (3rd place) (Team B)

Disease Detectives

  • Lindsay Pierce & Gabriella Raydo (3rd place)

Dynamic Planet

  • Eva Ho & Jude Salman (2nd place)

Environmental Chemistry

  • Abigail Nautel & Suzanna Amirbekian (4th place)
  • Garima Yadav & Shayna Huli (2nd place) (Team B)


  • Gordon Su & Harlow Kung (1st place)

Green Generation

  • Michael Xie & Jude Salman (4th place)

It’s About Time

  • Gordon Su and Archisha Kancha (3rd place)
  • Tao Xie & Colin Mikulski (2nd place) (Team B)


  • Norina Zhang & Dhara Patel (2nd place)

Ping Pong Parachute

  • Michael Xie & Archisha Kancha (3rd place)
  • Tao Xie & Colin Mikulski (2nd place) (Team B)

Remote Sensing

  • Dhara Patel & Ela Yucel (2nd place)
  • Matthew Greenblatt & Jonah Koplik (3rd place) (Team B)

WiFi Lab

  • Charlie He & Jude Salman (5th place)

Wright Stuff

  • Archisha Kancha & Abigail Natuel (5th place)

Write It Do It

  • Ela Yucel & Eva Ho (3rd place)

The Science Olympiad team was led by Captain Gordon Su and Vice Captain Archisha Kancha.

Congratulations to the Science Olympiad teams!

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