About Slingerlands Elementary

Slingerlands Elementary School is a K-5 school that has a simple and straightforward philosophy. It is our desire that each child will learn, grow and be happy. If you listen, you will hear laughing; if you look, you will see smiling faces. Our expectations are high academically, behaviorally and socially. We try to accomplish our goals in a warm, positive and fun-loving way.

We hope our school plays a vital part in the lives of all who come in contact with us. Our school is a special place. We are making tomorrow. The children are our future.

Shared Vision

Slingerlands Elementary School:

  • Is a learning community which supports the growth of the whole child – academically, socially and physically. Our goal is to provide a program that is academically challenging and supportive as we assist every child in reaching his/her potential.
  • Is child-centered and developmentally appropriate in its approach in all curriculum areas.
  • Has a strong commitment to art, physical education, music, drama and other enrichment activities.
  • Is a place where teaching and learning are joyful.
  • Has a culture where caring is an essential characteristic of the school community. We have many events and programs designed to encourage respect, community building and positive interactions.
  • Nurtures children to become responsible citizens who take the initiative for improving the quality of life for self, school and community at large.
  • Has parental and community support that is integral to the success of every child.
  • Has a long standing motto – Always our Best. Our faculty and staff provide their very best every day to support children as they strive to do their very best.

Attendance and Reporting Absences

Regular school attendance is essential to a student’s educational development and social-emotional well-being. With some exceptions, every child enrolled in school is expected to be present each day school is in session.

All absences, tardiness, and early departures (ATED) must be accounted for. It is the parent’s responsibility to notify the school office on the day of the ATED and to provide a written excuse upon the student’s return to school.

To learn more about our district’s attendance policies, please click here.

Visiting our School

Our visitor policies are designed to ensure the safety of all students and staff and minimize disruption to the instructional program. The doors to all elementary schools are locked during the school day. Visitors will push a call button at the main entrance to alert the office to their presence at the door.

Main office staff will ask visitors to identify themselves, and then will “buzz” them into the building. Once inside, visitors will report to the main office, sign in, and take a visitor’s badge. Upon leaving the building, please return to the office to sign out and return the badge.

To learn more about our district’s visitor policies, please click here.

Pick-up and Drop Off Directions

For directions to our school, please click here. Students should be dropped off and picked up from the Main Office.