Tax update: Some taxpayers received bills for tax payments that are in escrow

The Bethlehem Central School District has been made aware that some district taxpayers have been sent school tax bills for taxes that are expected to be paid by their mortgage lender’s escrow company. The bills that were sent in error were the result of a programming error at an escrow company, CoreLogic, that works with several mortgage lenders.

The bills were received by a limited number of people in the Town of Bethlehem only. District residents who live in the Town of New Scotland are not affected. Customarily, if taxes are being paid from escrow, a tax bill is not sent directly to a taxpayer.

District officials have been in contact with CoreLogic and have been advised that the programming issue will not negatively impact the escrow company from processing bills and that all escrowed tax bills will be paid on time, as expected.

If you believe you received a paper bill IN ERROR for taxes that are to be paid from escrow, you should contact your mortgage lender or bank to determine which escrow company processes the payment and confirm with your lender that the payment will be processed as expected.