VIDEO: What it means to be a BC Eagle

What does it mean to be a BC Eagle? That’s a question our communications team has spent for months asking students and staff across the district for this video. We figured the first week of the school year would be a great time to share what they said.

Here are the responses we got:

  • A good person who will do the right thing
  • Always flying to new heights
  • Someone really nice and good to make friends with
  • Cheerful and fun
  • Takes care of their furry friends
  • Uses their creativity to find ways to inspire togetherness in their community
  • Never afraid to ask for help
  • Knows that there’s always a lending hand available
  • Patient and realizes that all things need time to grow
  • Strives to be the best version of themself
  • Always trying to build on their skills
  • Always experimenting and is never afraid to fail and try again
  • A responsible teammate
  • Creative and they’re kind
  • Always supportive of others trying new things
  • Passionate, strong and always willing to go the extra mile for others
  • Being part of a big BC family
  • Always there for each other through good times and bad
  • Together

Ultimately, a BC Eagle is all of these things and more. These responses represent our core values of academics, character, community and wellness. 

What do you feel it means to be a BC Eagle? Comment on our Facebook page to let us know.