TV producer and editor shares travel tales with BCHS students

students in auditorium look at screen

As part of Hispanic Heritage Month, students welcomed a virtual visitor to the high school auditorium. On October 14, television producer and presenter Kim Haas connected with students via Zoom to share her experiences as a language learner and as the creator of the show Afro-Latino Travels with Kim Haas.

Throughout her presentation, Ms. Haas was warm and interacted with ease with the student body, asking “Where are my artists? Where are the athletes?”

“Haas’ stories about different people of African origins in Latin America were full of details that made them relevant and relatable to the students,” said World Languages teacher Evelyn Ledezma, who organized the visit.  “Haas spoke about her visits to Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, and others, providing us with views of those countries, their cultures, and people that were unknown to many of us.”

In speaking to the students, it was clear that Haas’ efforts in bringing the value of Afro-Latino communities to all is a remarkable one, done in a positive, inclusive way. 

Ledezma said students had a chance to ask Haas some questions and were interested in watching the show, and hopefully also left with the desire to spread their wings and visit all the wonderful places that were featured.

You can learn more about Afro-Latino Travels with Kim Haas here.