An important message from Superintendent Jody Monroe

An important message for K-12 families from Superintendent Jody Monroe…

Dear BC families:

New York and the nation have been shaken by the news of yet another mass shooting that took place on Saturday in a Buffalo supermarket. The shooting is being investigated as a hate crime. Nearly all of the victims, 13 in total, were Black. Ten people lost their lives in this senseless, horrific act of violence that is being investigated as a hate crime.

Our high school and middle school include active No Place for Hate groups. No Place for Hate is sponsored by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL). In response to the Buffalo shooting, the ADL quickly provided our schools with resources for teachers to use in talking to students about crimes perpetrated by racial hate, bias or injustice. These resources have been shared districtwide.

In addition, our network of school counselors, social workers and psychologists are always available for our students They are trained to help students express their feelings – including feelings of anger, frustration or sadness – in times of trauma or whenever students are in need.

There are resources for parents as well that could help your child and family foster important conversations and cope with difficult feelings surrounding this most recent incident. A few are listed below:

To ensure that high-quality, age-appropriate resources are readily available, the district is planning to introduce a new Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion for BC in the new school year. This position, which is included in the proposed budget that is being voted on today, is a high priority for the district. The DEI director will work closely with district and building leaders to implement initiatives that support every child, every day. We look forward to being able to move critical conversations forward in a way that improves our school climate and achieves the ultimate goal of a society free from the pain of hate and violence.


Jody Monroe