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An important message from Superintendent Jody Monroe

Filed in Archive, District, District News by on January 7, 2021

An important message from Superintendent Jody Monroe

Dear BC family,

As an adult, images of angry mobs breaking into the U.S. Capitol in a violent assault on democracy are hard to absorb and impossible to understand. The thought of our children having to endure one more layer of chaos that has followed us into 2021 is crushing. And yet, here we are.

As a school district, part of our mission is to help our students become engaged members of the community. This is something we value beyond measure and we know that our families feel the same way. Yet, what happened yesterday makes that mission more challenging than ever. With students at home this week and the events in Washington DC unfolding in real time, on TV and on social media, there was no time to prepare them for what they were seeing, hearing and experiencing. 

That’s why I want to share some resources to help families, teachers and staff who may be struggling today with how to answer children’s questions or who are looking for ways to help reassure our students at a time of great uncertainty. While discussions in every family, and at every age, may require a deeper dive into the issues at hand, these resources may be helpful as a place to start:

These resources and others created specifically for instructional staff have been shared with all staff.

Calming our own anxieties is one of the first and best steps we can take to help others. For older students, and for staff and families, the high school Counseling Center hosts a Virtual Calming Space. Whether you are feeling overwhelmed or just need a quick break, they have designed the Virtual Calming Space to provide tools to calm the mind and body. I think it is a wonderful resource. 

This year began with so much promise and I refuse to relinquish the optimism that came when we flipped the calendar to January 2021. I hope we can continue to tap into that optimism as we address every challenge that comes our way, together, as a community dedicated to its mission and to its future.


Jody Monroe