BC welcomes new instructional staff

group of teachers pose for photo

Members of our instructional staff who are new to BC for the 2023-24 school year spent three days this week getting to know the district and one another. We want to extend a warm welcome to these professionals who will be working with our students when school gets started on Thursday, Sept. 7!

  • Lindsey Bradt, Family & Consumer Sciences Teacher (BCMS)
  • McKenna Callahan, Elementary Teacher (Elsmere)
  • Kristina Clarke, Speech and Language Pathologist (Elsmere)
  • John Deer, Social Studies Teacher (BCHS)
  • Ryan Donlon, School Counselor (BCHS)
  • Antonella Fasano, Elementary Teacher (Glenmont)
  • Holly Fleming, English Teacher (BCMS)
  • Maddison Flynn, School Counselor (BCMS)
  • Emily Gottung, Elementary Teacher (Glenmont)
  • Rebecca Grabicki, Assistant Director of Instructional Support Services
  • Celia Holmes, Crisis Intervention Specialist (BCHS)
  • Patricia Lane-Mullins, Art Teacher (BCHS)
  • Julia Lettrick, Elementary Teacher (Elsmere)
  • Jessica Perazzelli, Reading Teacher (Slingerlands)
  • Katherine Rainville, Athletic Trainer and Wellness Coordinator (District)
  • Kathryn Russell, Special Education Teacher (Elsmere)
  • Erika Russo, English Teacher (BCHS)
  • Meaghan Stadtlander, Special Education Teacher (Elsmere)
  • Amber VanAlstyne, Family Social Worker (Saratoga Center for the Family)
  • Kristine Welliver, Library Media Specialist (Slingerlands)