BCCF grant adds warmth to K-1 wing

When Slingerlands K-1 teachers wanted to give students a fresh perspective on their learning environment they sought the help of the Bethlehem Central Community Fund (BCCF).

For many years, the BCCF has offered several classroom grants annually to BC educators to enhance and enrich the educational experience for district students.

With a grant of nearly $800 from the BCCF,  the Primary Wing Hallway Innovation Project is helping to transform the hallway and common area of the primary wing at the school into a child centered,  warm and functional setting which will allow students to view and feel proud of their work and creativity, and to practice important foundational skills.

The grant project includes:

  • New hallway tiles painted by K-1 students as part of a collaborative art project. The tiles were installed by Jason Kaulfuss of the Operations & Maintenance team.
  • New bulletin boards to display student work were added to the main hall in the primary wing.
  • Sight word “hopping spots” will be added to the flooring to increase sensory learning.

The goal of the project, according to kindergarten teacher Theresa Costello, is to help young students feel invested in their school and proud of their work.

“The very nature of displaying student work is enriching and motivational for students,” said Costello. “In the short term, art and writing projects displayed regularly on bulletin boards keep students excited about the work they are doing, and give teachers a chance to bring out very best efforts in students.

“In the long term, these changes will serve to enhance their educational experience and help them develop a positive image of their academic and artistic abilities as well as boost self-esteem,” said Costello.

Thank you to the BCCF and the K-1 team for creating an even more warm, welcoming place to learn!