BCHS seniors honored for achievement in academics, character, community and wellness

More than 100 Bethlehem Central High School seniors who will graduate next month were honored with scholarships and awards at a ceremony held on Thursday, May 25 at the high school.  

Congratulations to these outstanding members of the Class of 2023 who have been recognized for their achievements in academics, character, community and wellness! 

The awards were presented in the following categories:

Bethlehem Central Community Foundation Awards

BCCF Scholarships

The Bethlehem Central Community Foundation is an affiliate of the Community Foundation for the Greater Capital Region, an organization whose mission is to strengthen our community through philanthropy.

  • Diego Clark
  • Camella Douglas
  • Sarah Guyette
  • Olivia Hopper
  • Peter Landi
  • Alejandra Nieves-Bonilla
  • Shreya Raghu
  • Olivia Whalen

Bethlehem Senior Projects Inc. Scholarships

  • Audrey Manley
  • Natalee Huli

This scholarship honors an individual who has greatly contributed to the elderly in the Bethlehem community. Karen Pelletier, who served as the Director of Bethlehem Senior Services for 32 years and led the development of the Town of Bethlehem’s highly recognized Senior Services and attorney Charles “Tod” Tobin III who served as president of BSP for 25 years guiding the organization in its partnership with Bethlehem Senior Services to expand services. A $500 scholarship is presented to two seniors attending a 2- or 4-year college or university or a professional certificate program in a medical services-related field with plans to serve the elderly. 

Chris Porter Scholarship

  • Sarah Bernasconi

Teachers touch the lives of so many students and those young people reach out and touch others. One can never truly know the boundaries·of their reach, the lives impacted and the differences made. As a teacher, colleague, mentor, valued friend, and mother, Chris Porter, fifth-grade teacher, left her mark on all of us. We hold her lessons dear in our hearts and we honor the teacher she will always be. The Chris Porter Scholarship is currently being established for a graduating senior who has shown drive, persistence, courage, and resilience through their years in the Bethlehem Central School District.

Donald Robillard Education Memorial Scholarship

  • Hallie Hussar

This award is presented to a senior at Bethlehem High School who plans to study education/teaching and possesses leadership qualities.

Dorothy McDonald Memorial Scholarship

  • Zach Price

This $1,000 scholarship was established in honor of Dorothy and her lifetime of service to children and families in the Bethlehem School District. She devoted 33 years to education, first as a teacher and later as a principal. This scholarship recognizes a senior who has demonstrated positive character traits and a commitment to caring for and serving others in their family, school or community. This award is for a student who plans to choose a career in education or another form of human service that has the potential of having a positive effect on others.

Frances A Cocozza Memorial Award

  • Mirella Albrecht
  • Vesna Pasetto

This award was established to pay tribute to Fran Cocozza, secretary to the high school Principal for ten years and choreographer of musical theater productions at the middle school and high school for many years. Fran danced and taught dance throughout her life, challenging and encouraging everyone to follow in her footsteps. Her beautiful smile, positive attitude and sincere concern for everyone always left a lasting impression on all who met her. This $500 award has been established by her family for a deserving BCHS senior who exemplifies Fran’s passion for dance, musical theater, and life, and is someone who will keep alive her desire that we should all “Keep on Dancing.”

James “Coach” Connolly Memorial Track Scholarship

  • Dylan Wang

The James R. “Coach” Connolly Scholarship is given to a graduating athlete who plans to attend a four or two-year College or Technical Program. Applicants must have participated in a minimum of four Track and Field seasons, either indoor or outdoor. The Scholarship is awarded to a student who exhibits the qualities that Coach Connolly encouraged in his athletes over the course of his fifty years as a coach: dedication, determination, hard work, support of team members, cooperation and kindness.

Jeannette R. Earls Memorial Scholarship

  • Stella Bradshaw

This $9,000 academic award is given to a senior who is a worthy, good citizen who plans to attend a four-year college.

Jonathan A Albert Memorial Award

  • Natalie Moshier

This $500 award pays tribute to Jonathan, a 2001 graduate of Bethlehem Central, who achieved beyond expectations and who touched many lives while a Bethlehem student. This award is presented to a student whose character, like Jonathan’s, exemplifies a strong commitment to a particular goal or aspiration, who has overcome obstacles in their life as evidenced by hard work and tenacity, and who is recognized by teachers, coaches and other mentors as having achieved beyond what was expected of them.

Michael “Big Dog” Medvesky Memorial Scholarship

  • Alicia Prieto

This scholarship is awarded to a graduating senior from BCHS who meets the following criteria: participated in band for the duration of their high school career, demonstrated commitment to improving their musicianship during their time at BCHS, plan on making a career out of music/majoring in music in college, and known for their congeniality and gentle ‘spirit.

Robert “Bob” Salamone Memorial Award

  • Sarah Bernasconi

This award will be presented to a senior at BC who embodies the spirit of fitness, wellness and living a healthy lifestyle and/or respecting the environment in their actions or deeds.

Russell Ellers Memorial Award

  • Kellen Stewart

This is an award of $1,000 to pay tribute to Russell, a Bethlehem Central student who would have graduated in June 2004. Russell touched many lives in a very positive way through his love of basketball, baseball and learning. This award is presented to a student whose outstanding character, like Russell’s, exemplifies leadership ability, athletic ability, a sense of humor and a willingness to help others.

Sarah Renee Whiting Math Honor Society Award

  • Suzanna Amirbekian

This $300 award is presented to a senior who has selflessly volunteered their time to the Math Honor Society Tutoring Program.

The Eagle Award

  • Owen Karmel

This award was established to pay tribute to Kenneth Neff, the Boys Varsity Swim Coach at BCHS from 1986 through 2000. Mr. Neff believes that excellence is defined by doing the best that you can do. Mr. Neff’s high standards helped to provide a strong foundation for his swimmers as young adults. This award recognizes a senior who demonstrates above-average dedication, motivation and character. The scholarship will be paid in equal installments of $500 each in the fall and spring semesters of each year for two consecutive years to equal the total scholarship of $2,000.

Will Raub September 11 Bethlehem Central Scholarship

  • Jack Newell

This $500 scholarship is awarded to a senior who is a strong academic student, involved in community service and extracurricular activities, and who plans to continue their studies in a business, economics or finance-related field.

Memorial Awards

Anne Gibson Elbow Memorial Award

  • Annie Boike

Anne was a BCHS student who died in a plane crash in Peru along with 48 other American High School Exchange students in August of 1970. This $2,000 award is given in memory of Anne to a senior who
has made an outstanding contribution to the promotion of human understanding and goodwill either locally or internationally.

Anthony S. “Tony” Arduini Memorial Award

  • Ben Fabe

This award was established in memory of Detective Anthony S.”Tony” Arduini, a 31-year veteran of the Bethlehem Police Department. Tony was a man who truly loved life, his family and his community. He valued a strong work ethic, honesty and commitment to the community. This award recognizes a student who has been identified as exemplifying those attributes and who plans to continue their studies in the field of criminal justice. The award of $500 is to support their studies at the collegiate level.

The Charles A Gunner BCCO Scholarship

  • Annie Boike
  • Liam Lysogorski

$250 is awarded to two seniors who have shown significant improvement and success in the face of adversity.

Honorable Judge Peter C. Wenger Memorial Award Bethlehem Youth Court

  • Jared Scharf

This $500 award is presented to a senior who is a member of the Bethlehem Youth Court. This student has exhibited strong dedication and commitment to the program, as did Judge Wenger.

Julia 0. Wells Memorial Education Foundation

  • Angie Van Royen

This $250 scholarship is awarded to a senior who plans to pursue a career in professional nursing and who has participated in school activities.

Katherine DePorte Memorial Scholarship Bethlehem Central United Employees Association (BCUEA)

  • Stephen Liebold

This $500 award is given to a senior who has displayed unselfishness, good citizenship and empathy for others.

Larry Prater Memorial Scholarship Bethlehem Central United Employees Association (BCUEA)

  • Mackenzie Kawczak
  • Damese Shook
  • Henry Vriesema

These $500 scholarships are awarded to two seniors who plan to continue their education at a 2-year community college, business, technical or trade school.

Lorraine E. Boyle Memorial Award

  • Nick Forezzi

This award was established to pay tribute to Lorraine E. Boyle who was employed for many years in the Bethlehem Central School District. She worked with many different types of students throughout her career at Bethlehem Central High School and often described her position as “the best job in the world.” She held a special place in her heart for students who work hard and persevere through difficult circumstances. She believed every student’s future plan was important whether it included a four-year college or not. This scholarship of up to $2,000 was designed to recognize a student whose post-secondary plan is to enter the workforce following completion of a one or two-year program leading to career credentials. Career credentials may include occupational or technical certification, a license, or an associate’s degree.

Lt. Henry Klein Memorial Award/ Tawasentha Chapter DAR

  • Sarah Bernasconi

This award is presented by the Tawasentha Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution to a graduating senior. The purpose of this award is to recognize qualities of leadership, character, service and scholarship at home, in school and in the community.

The Marcus Kaplan Spirit of Life Award

  • Sarah Bernasconi
  • Annie Boike

This award was established to pay tribute to Marcus Kaplan, a 2004 graduate. While a student at Bethlehem, Marcus had a competitive·spirit playing volleyball, baseball, and basketball, but his true character came out when making others feel important, no matter what their struggles. The purpose of this scholarship is to recognize two graduating seniors who display leadership, sportsmanship, service in helping others and wish to explore the field of public health to help broaden the scope that the stigma of mental health and substance use disorder issues have on daily lives.

Wallace H. Erlichman Lions Club Memorial Scholarship

  • Sarah Bernasconi
  • Alexander Schalk

These two $1,500 awards are presented to graduating seniors who have demonstrated strong academic achievement and commitment to community service.

Community Awards

American Legion Post 1040 Blanchard – Currey Scholarship Award

  • Sarah Bernasconi
  • Adam Kohn

    This $500 scholarship award is presented to seniors who have demonstrated patriotism, leadership and citizenship. and are being recognized for their commitment and dedication in an effort to support their community.

Bethlehem Central Teachers’ Association Scholarships

  • Mirella Albrecht
  • Melia Pesca
  • William Wu

Three $1,000 awards are presented by the Bethlehem Central Teachers’ Association to deserving students who intend to continue their education. These awards are based on the students’ scholarship as well as their service to the school and community. These awards are given in memory of Gordon Molyneaux, a long remembered Social Studies teacher at Bethlehem Central High School who was known for his commitment, leadership and altruism within our school and the larger community.

C.T. Male Award

  • Abigail Brousseau

As a firm that began in 1910 as a family business, we strive to maintain core values that include supporting the communities where we work and live. We also look to encourage and assist young people in pursuit of careers in STEM-related fields. The C.T. Male Annual Award recognizes the academic achievement and service to the community for students pursuing a STEM-related career path.

Delmar Kiwanis Leadership Award

  • Lucy Whiteley
  • Brianna Yanson

These $200 awards are given to two seniors who are members of Key Club and who have demonstrated involvement in community service consistent with the goals of Kiwanis and Key Club International.

Delmar Progress Club Scholarship

  • Sarah Bernasconi
  • Hannah Fronheiser

The Delmar Progress Club is awarding two $1,000 scholarships to seniors who have a strong academic record and have been actively involved in extracurricular activities as well as service to the community.

Hudson Valley Community College Scholarship

  • Cody Martin

This $250 award is presented to a student who will be attending Hudson Valley Community College in the fall.

Key Club Award

  • Julia Ghazi

This $200 award is presented to a student who has demonstrated good citizenship and a commitment to the betterment of their school and community.

Next Step Federal Credit Union Community Service Award

  • Agnes Potenciano

This $100 award is presented to a senior who has displayed a willingness to help others while actively seeking to improve their surrounding community.

School’s Out Inc. Scholarship

  • Eliza Keruskie·

This $1,000 award is given to a senior who is a School’s Out alumni and/or a current employee who plans to attend college or a trade school and has demonstrated community involvement.

The International Eagle Award

  • Leah Casey
  • Gabriel de Jesus

This $500  award is designed for a student who has moved to the United States at some point during their years in the district (K-12). The ideal applicant has demonstrated perseverance through challenging times, a commitment to honoring their culture, and a willingness to befriend and/or help other students undergoing similarly difficult transitions.

Department Awards


Art Department Service Award

  • Stella Bradshaw
  • Matthew Golonka

The art department service award is given to an art student that demonstrates a high level of dedication to the Guerilla Art Club and the activities of the club. The service award recognizes a student who has consistently demonstrated excellence in service to the art department.

National Art Honor Society Award

  • Norah McCaffrey

The art department National Art Honor Society Award recognizes a student who has demonstrated a high level of dedication to National Art Honor Society.

Andrew Masino Art Supervisor’s Leadership Award

  • Emma Greenblatt

This is a recognition award for a student that displays leadership within their interactions with others and displays a love of art and shares this love with others around them. Andy Masino was the Art Supervisor for the Bethlehem Central School District from 1980-2002.

Congressional Art Award

  • Ansen Chamberlain
  • Sophia Ritchie

The Congress of the United States honors high school students from across the nation by providing them with the opportunity to showcase their artistic abilities. Each member of Congress has the privilege of submitting one piece of artwork, to be displayed at the U.S. Capitol. The recipients of this award will have their artwork framed and on display.


BC Athletic Association Scholarships

  • Annie Bolke
  • Zach Price

These $250 awards are presented to seniors 1nominated by coaches based on leadership, dedication, work ethic, extracurricular activities, academics, and team player qualities.


Outstanding FBLA Student

  • Connor Reilly

Students are nominated and chosen by the FBLA membership for their outstanding commitment, service, and dedication to implementing the plan of action designed by the FBLA Chapter for the school year.

Career & Technical Education

Excellence in Culinary Arts

  • Anastasia Rossi

This gift is presented to a senior who has excelled in Culinary Arts.

Excellence in Family & Consumer Sciences

  • Ciara Wade

This gift is presented to a senior who has excelled in the Family and Consumer Sciences program throughout their high school career.

Excellence in Technology

  • Jake Killian

This certificate is presented to a senior who has taken multiple technology classes during their high school career and has shown a high level of consistent scholarship throughout their four years.

Bethlehem Project Lead the Way Award

  • Griffin Andrews
  • Kayleigh Bigwarfe

Two $1,000 awards are presented to graduating seniors who have shown significant achievement in Bethlehem’s pre-engineering program and who plan to pursue a career in technology.


This award is presented for consistent effort and academic growth in

  • Dylan Austin
  • Rylee Davis
  • Sarah Guyette
  • Madeline Mitchell
  • Lily Reagan
  • Summer Stevens

This award is presented for consistent effort and exemplary academic achievement in English.

  • Stella Bradshaw
  • Natalie Bronchetti
  • Briege Carmichael
  • Rachel Cuccolo
  • Asia Ferrera
  • Leah Gornstein
  • Claire Hutton
  • Charles Labarge
  • Violet Macdonald
  • Reilly Meredith
  • Jack Newell
  • Henry Reichman
  • Anastasia Rossi
  • Ronan Tiu
  • Margaret Walters


Harold Reissig Award

  • Leah Gornstein

This award is presented to a senior student who has developed outstanding study skills in mathematics courses, has shown consistent evidence of original thinking, and has been dedicated to the study of math, science, or technology beyond high school. Mr. Reissig was the first Mathematics Department Supervisor and served the Bethlehem Central community from1943-1976.

Dr. Philip Gibbons Award

  • Sarah Bernasconi

This award is presented to a senior student for outstanding achievement and interest in mathematics. This student has distinguished themself by displaying exceptional focus, discipline and determination. Dr. Gibbons was the Mathematics Department Supervisor from 1976-1995.

John G. Sterling Award

  • Abigail Brousseau

This award is presented to a senior student who has demonstrated superior academic proficiency in mathematics as well as a curiosity and an eagerness to explore many and varied topics in mathematics. Mr. Sterling was the Mathematics Department Supervisor from 1995-2010.

Dr. David F. Hurst Computer Science Award

  • Nikhilesh Radosevich

This award will be presented to the senior student who has developed outstanding achievement and interest in Computer Science. This student will have demonstrated consistent evidence of original thinking, and have been dedicated to the study of computer science. Dr. Hurst was the Mathematics Supervisor from 2010 – 2015 and is responsible for establishing the Computer Science program at Bethlehem


The following Awards and Scholarships are presented to seniors in recognition of their exemplary performance and achievement.

John Philip Sousa Band Award

  • Alicia Prieto

Director’s Award for Band

  • Stella Bradshaw

Director’s Award for Choir

  • Margaret Walters

National School Orchestra Award

  • William Wu

    National School Choral Award

  • Kevin Begley

Louis Armstrong Jazz Award

  • Ronan Tiu

Director’s Award for Orchestra

  • Peyton Roach

Bethlehem Music Association Awards

  • Stella Bradshaw
  • Orin Carlson-Lee
  • GuHongWu

Mary Jane Hughes Memorial Award

  • Madeline Gallagher

Physical Education

NYSAHPERD Student Leadership Awards

  • Caden Bernardo
  • Camelia Douglas

Each year, the Capital Zone of the New York State Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance (NYSAHPERD) wishes to honor two exceptional Physical Education students from the graduating senior class from each high school in the Capital District. The nominees must meet the award criteria of: High level of physical performance, scholastic achievement, honorable leadership qualities, and outstanding service to their school or community.


The Andrew Joachim Memorial Award

  • Charles Labarge

This award is presented to a senior who best demonstrates academic excellence and has strengthened the Bethlehem science program through their service and leadership. This student has exhibited strong character throughout their four years at the High School. Mr. Andrew Joachim was a longtime science teacher and served the district from 1969-1994.

The Thomas Watthews Memorial Award

  • Clark Evans
  • Madeline Mitchell

This award is presented to a senior who has completed coursework in all four science content areas in the High School and will have successfully completed all four Regents exams. This student is dedicated to the study of science and its many fields. This student has shown academic excellence and strong
character in all four areas of study. Mr. Thomas Watthews was a science teacher at Bethlehem Middle and High School for 33 years.

Social Studies

Society of the Mayflower Descendants Award

  • Leah Gornstein
  • Audrey Manley

A $100 savings bond and certificate are presented to two seniors who have demonstrated proficiency in studying the history of the United States and have an exceptional understanding of the Constitution.

The DAR American History Award Tawasentha Chapter

  • Jack Newell

This $100 award is presented to a student with a high cumulative average in Social Studies and who was an outstanding American History student.

The Kenelm R. Thacher Award (Class of 1951)

  • Sarah Guyette

This $250 award is presented to a senior who was an exceptional Participation in Government student and who has also demonstrated, through word and deed, a desire to make a difference.

World Language and English as a New Language (ENL)

Francophone Award

  • Leah Gornstein
  • Lucy Whiteley

This award recognizes two students who have excelled in their French studies at Bethlehem Central High School and demonstrated excellent achievement and passion for learning the language.

Honor Hispano

  • Mirella Albrecht
  • Camella Douglas

In recognition of excellent effort and passion for learning Spanish and Latino cultures, this book award is presented to two senior students who have completed seven consecutive years of study in Spanish and earned college credit for advanced study as an upper-class student.

Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica – Premio de Honor

  • Jack Newell

This award is given to a student that has demonstrated outstanding academic performance as well as a love for the Spanish language and culture This student has also shown commitment by participating in many service projects in the community and also in activities sponsored by the Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica.

BC Love of Language Award

  • Stella Bradshaw

These recognition awards are presented to two seniors who have studied multiple languages at BCHS. These students have demonstrated a passion for learning and speaking different languages and have expressed a desire to continue their language study in the future.

PTA Awards

These awards are presented to students who completed their elementary education in each elementary school noted and who will graduate from BCHS.

Eagle Senior Award

  • Griffin Andrews
  • Natalee Huli

Elsmere Senior Award

  • Isabella Hoogkamp
  • Connor Reilly

Glenmont Senior Award

  • Charles Labarge
  • Haliann Schwalb

Hamagrael Senior Award

  • Adam Kohn
  • Jack Newell

Slingerlands Senior Award

  • Sarah Guyette
  • Sophie Klein